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We are proud to do business with some of the best in business! Our partners are locally and even nationally recognized for their excellent products, services, customer service, and business practices. Its no wonder we align ourselves with these amazing businesses!

Growth Strategist

Sales Strategist

Marketing Campaign Strategist

Outward Brand Photographer

Progressive Video Communications

Collaborative Partners

Our Collaborative Partners support our clients growth from the foundation of your business, to building a strong outward brand, to support in sales. Learn more about these amazing businesses and how they can support your business growth!

Kimberly Alexander

Kimberly Alexander, Inc.

Kimberly Alexander is The Founder of The Results Map and The Grow Grid Programs, Growth Strategist and Transformational Speaker for Women Entrepreneurs. Kimberly has worked with several multi-million dollar organizations as an expert in leadership and professional development. Kimberly has worked strategically with Entrepreneurs to identify opportunity and take action for further growth, a true expert in program development and scaling revenue streams. Kimberly launched her best-selling series in 2014, first with The Results Map: Business and Life strategies to get what you want and in 2015, The Results Map for Women in Biz.

Kimberly is married and a proud mother of two girls. She has a passion for hiking beautiful Colorado trails and living a life of purpose, balance and meaning.

KAInc Academy

Katie Myers

CR Conversations

Katie is the CEO of CR Conversations and an expert communication strategist. After 6 years in the insurance industry Katie started CR Conversations in May of 2013. Through her proven program The Core Conversations, she guides coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to avoid the entrepreneurial “F” word – failure, in their sales conversations. Katie focuses on the sales process, follow-up strategy, customer retention plan and customer selling strategies to drive results with strategic communication. Katie is a national speaker and trainer and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs gain clarity around what they are saying!

Katie is HUGE animal lover and has 2 dogs, Vinny and Theo and a cat named Greg. She and her boyfriend Henry have been together for 8 ½ years and enjoy cocktail bars and brewery tours with their pups.

CR Conversations

Amy Johnson

Dovetail Marketing + Design

Amy Johnson is the CEO and Owner of Dovetail Marketing + Design. She is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 15 years experience in corporate marketing and consulting. She’s passionate about growing brands through strategic marketing campaigns that drive results and is committed to client success.

Amy listens, asks the right questions, and develops tactical marketing plans that fit her client’s unique needs. She is truly an A to Z marketer, offering graphics design, content writing, social media marketing and advertising, website design, SEO and analytics, budgeting and planning.

Amy loves being in the outdoors and taking adventures with her husband, Karl, and two kids, Kaleb and Adison. A Colorado native, she loves to ski, hike, eat good food, and share quality time with family and friends.

Dovetail Marketing + Design

Tricia Turpenoff

Turpenoff Photography

My mission in photography is to capture your essence. I have spent over 25 years listening, loving and branding my clients. The difference you will feel when you work with me is that you will be seen, acknowledged and heard! My passion for photography extends far beyond having you in front of my lens. First, I want to know you and understand your needs. Our first meeting is all about getting to know you, it is not transactional. That comes with time and preparation. I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

I was married to the love of my life in July of 2015 and was thrilled to inherit the best daughter. I’ve had a camera in my hand for over 40 years. I love Michael Jackson and am a proud fan of both trashy old television shows like Melrose Place as well as trashy new television shows like The Bachelor. My favorite snacks include Swedish Fish, Ring Pops, and sushi. I’m an avid lover of silly faces, 80’s music, anything that sparkles, mid-century modern design, and cooking for my friends and family.

Turpenoff Photography

Lisa Mares


“I am a people person and believe it’s essential to ask the right questions for effective video marketing results. Marketing can be challenging when you are literally competing against a world of other businesses. Our processes help us strategically design and deliver signature video marketing. I am committed to my clients and helping them sell, tell, educate, and motivate with powerfully persuasive film. Did I mention I love my job?!”

Lisa Mares, President and Producer & Director of Mares Productions/maresmedia, thinks she has the best job on the planet. She describes herself as a passionate storyteller who has been serving clients video marketing needs for over 25 years. She co-founded Mares Productions with her husband Henry in 1994, and together they have directed and produced a thousand+ creative video projects. She supports education and co-founded the Colorado Professional Videographers Association in 2000, and also offers informational video workshops and presentations. Lisa’s company creates original video and digital content for a variety of uses, including internet, social media and broadcast marketing.

When she isn’t producing marketing videos and digital content, she enjoys spending time with her husband, 3 boys, dogs, volunteering for special causes, traveling, hiking, trying different coffee shops, and visiting family in MI.