Turn Your Purpose Into Profit

2018 is here! Share your purpose with the world!

Find Your Brand Zenith Workshop

It’s All About Your Uniqueness, Expertise, and Personality

Define Your Purpose

Identify the reason why you are passionate about your business.

Define Your Strategy

Every business needs a strategy and a plan.

Develop Your Brand

Find the steps to create an unforgettable brand.

Your Uniqueness, Expertise and Personality Define Your Brand

Turn your purpose into profit. You already have a spectacular brand inside of you, just waiting to be revealed! A brand that is boldly you, speaks authentically from your heart, and incorporates the expertise that defines your business. Your brand should be meaningful to your clients while embodying the expertise and uniqueness that you bring to your industry. With Find Your Brand Zenith, I’ve created a roadmap that will guide us through your brand journey together.

What is Your Zenith?

A zenith is a focal point that takes a top-down perspective, but it can also be thought of as a powerful and successful time in your life. In the same way, this program is the first step to discovering your most powerful brand. Find Your Brand Zenith is based on my experience as a digital brand expert and is built for the serious entrepreneur who wants to grow their brand. Together we will create a brand that is clearly you, built with intention and heart, and expresses the expertise and uniqueness you bring to your industry.

Our Program Includes

Designed for Your Success

This program is designed for the success of entrepreneurs. Included in the program is a 30-minute phone call with me to walk through your strategies and plan.

Group Workshop

Join other members to discuss and build on the foundation of your brand.

Access to Class Materials and Pre-Work

I will provide you with the tools and materials you’ll need to successfully navigate the program.

A 1:1 Consultation with Donna Galassi

You’ll receive a 30 minute 1:1 follow-up consultation with me to review your strategy and plan.

Meet The Instructor

Donna Galassi has been creating compelling digital brands since 2009 by capturing the essence of each business and effectively telling their story.

The class I took with Donna was AMAZING.  While I have many of the logistical pieces for my website ready to go, Donna has really helped me to tie everything back into my brands deeper messaging.  She has mapped out a program that has help me get to the core of what my business stands for and how to engage my ideal audience through my online presence. While I have not integrated this into my website yet, I have the help I need to not just have a functional website, but an impactful one that serves as an authentic and engaging resource for my online visitors.

Chalee Confer


What Are The Benefits?

This program can help you get organized before you rebrand. With the right tools in place, you can sell your offerings with confidence, launch a website that actively engages your target audience, and more effectively grow your business.

Why Do You Need It?

You need a website and a digital marketing plan that sets your business on the path to where you want it to go. You need clarity in your messaging, an organized way to communicate your story, and a deeper understanding of what your clients need from you. A strong brand can help you effectively address each of these needs.

How Do You Get It?

Start by selecting a date from the calendar below. Once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll receive an email with login instructions to access the online course material. Audio, video and online exercises will walk you through the course and prework.

Why Is A Strong Brand Important?

“A well-built brand evolves your purpose into profit, essentially telling your story through the eyes of your customers, attracting the right people to your tribe and growing your business.” – Donna Galassi

Your Zenith Awaits.

Find Your Brand Zenith provides you with all the tools you need to build a truly amazing and unique brand. So what are you waiting for? Request your spot today!