Reimagine Your Brand: Digital Brand Guidebook

Your Digital Brand Guidebook is the summary of all the work you’ve done to create your brand. Send me your work to prepare for our consultation. If you want the results emailed to you, provide your email address and first name. We’ll email you the results so you can create an action plan from the assessment.

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    Organize your work to create and build out your Digital Brand Guide Book. Review the exercises and your answers before working through this worksheet. Use this checklist below to keep track of which sheets you've completed.
  • Brand Statements

  • Summarize your brand in a few sentences. Define what you stand for, and how you impact your clients and the world.
  • Define your purpose and what your business is meant to accomplish.
  • Your superpowers and how they manifest in your business, differentiating you from your competition.
  • Your impact statement speaks to the impact your business makes in the world. You do what you do to change the world. Define that impact – from the community that you touch, to the clients you work with, to the world as your business operates.
  • Your transformation statement speaks to the transformation your offerings provide, the transformation your clients need to go through to be successful.
  • The true value speaks to the true end-results that your offerings provides. Identify those end-results, the true value provided when your clients work with you.
  • Your brand experience are the words that define how you want your clients to feel. These words can help guide your digital brand messaging, and overall brand experience.
  • Your core truths were discovered during your superpower exercises. Your core truths speak to the very core of what you and your business stands for and are like my own three non-negotiables of success – core truths that guide you through all decision making.
  • Your culture values were defined through your values, the values your business embodies, and the values your clients are seeking. List those values here.
  • Ultimately, your potential clients need to know why they should choose you. This is a summary of all the trainings, all the insights you’ve learned through the course.