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How Are You Found?

SEO marketing is the process of optimizing your website in a format easy for the search engines to find out what your business is about, as well as crafting the proper content to connect with and engage your online visitors. With Google’s many changes over the past year or so, its apparent that well-written, interesting content that is uniquely relevant and helpful to your online visitors far outranks content written specifically for search engines. Well written content will use words that your clients and prospective clients use to describe your business and services. It will connect with your visitors by answering the questions that brought them to the internet in the first place.

The Blue Zenith Strategy

We design websites with your SEO marketing in mind. By creating compelling content to tell your story, we ensure that the code of your site adheres to Google standards and connects your social media and online directories to link to your site so it’s not an island in the sea of internet options. We keep up with the latest digital marketing trends to ensure your business has the tools needed to be found.

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Your website is your business’s #1 tool. How your website performs greatly depends on the quality of your brand message. Are you doing everything you can to ensure that your website is completely and properly branded?

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SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is about much more than just moving you up in the search engine rankings. It’s about listening to what your customers say about your company and your brand and then using that information to build a stronger, more user-friendly website.


Good SEO marketing starts with a solid understanding of your target market and how they think of your industry. By understanding their questions and concerns, you can better craft a content marketing strategy that connects with them and establishes your authority in your industry.


How do your clients search for your services?

A good place to start is with a deep understanding of how your clients and potential clients reference your business and services. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, its time to ask your clients and potential clients how they found you, and what words they used to search for your services.

  • How do your customers describe your business and services?
  • How do potential customers search for your services?
  • What questions do you get from your clients as they work with you through your process?

Competition is fierce. Making sure you have solid strategies online and offline to drive people to your website is key to your success.

Donna Galassi

Founder and President

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