WordPress: User Roles and Capabilities

Now that you understand more about the differences in WordPress roles you can more appropriately assign these roles to your coworkers and customers. Keep in mind that managing a large website or a network or websites that have a lot of traffic is a lot of work, and the more people you can trust to give major roles, the better your site can be maintained.

WordPress: An Introduction

Although WordPress doesn’t receive the same press or attention as Facebook or Google, it continues to power over 60 million blogs and websites worldwide and is growing every day. Its popularity is due to its free to use software and very versatile look. If you own a website that is not powered by Wordpress and would like to try it out, contact us and we would be happy to sit down and talk with you about your options.

WordPress Releases – December 2011

Version 3.3 On December 12 WordPress 3.3 – named Sonny – was released. It’s got some major improvements – especially in the media interface. They’ve implemented a drag/drop media upload. Makes it so much easier to upload media files to your wordpress site. Check...

Choosing a WordPress Theme

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes available online. All one has to do is search and you can find just about any theme to fit any problem.  Some themes are free and some are available for a price.  Typically the premium themes are very reasonably...