WordPress.org versus WordPress.com

Many people regularly confuse the websites WordPress.org and WordPress.com, which is understandable because they are very similar and many people assume that websites should end in “dot com”. However, these two sites are very different – WordPress.org is the homepage of the WordPress Foundation and provides free access to the WordPress software, support for WordPress and other resources. WordPress.com is a for-profit service owned by Automattic.

WordPress and Free and Open Source Software

The main challenge for businesses and individuals who require long-term support for FOSS projects is judging the viability of FOSS projects. Since there is not a for-profit business financing development, further development of the software and bug fixes all rely on volunteer efforts. Also, changes to the software based on feedback and bug reports also rely on volunteers as well. Many FOSS projects are abandoned due to disagreements, apathy and loss of momentum, which in turn leads to a fatal loss of volunteers.

WordPress and Web Standards

Do not be alarmed if your website or blog is not 100% compliant – it is difficult for a modern website to be 100% compliant and all mainstream web browsers are designed to compensate for some variations. However, if you test your website or blog and there are significant problems or a significant number of minor problems, it is advisable to fix them in a timely manner. While your site may or may not be completely compatible in different browsers, you must also remember that different versions of different browsers act differently.

WordPress: Migrating Your WordPress Installation

In other, more complex scenarios – such as moving your installation from your root directory to a specific folder, or moving a multisite WordPress installation – it is advisable to consult the WordPress documentation directly for detailed, step-by-step instructions. If you are uncomfortable completing a more complex migration on your own, we will be happy to assist you with the migration process.

WordPress: Updating WordPress

If you are concerned about any potential problems stemming from a WordPress update, or if you are uncomfortable with administering software installations in general, it is important to seek the guidance and support of a professional. If you do decide to upgrade your WordPress installation yourself, it is extremely important to first create a backup of your website or blog – in the event of a problem, you will be able to fully restore your website or blog to its previous state in a relatively short amount of time. It is a good practice to create backups of your website or blog on a regular basis in case the installation is compromised or the servers hosting your site crash.

WordPress: Comment Moderation

It is important to understand how comment moderation works in WordPress. Why is comment moderation necessary and why does WordPress enable you to hold certain comments for moderation on your blog?