Five Years of Blue Zenith: WooCommerce

We’re celebrating our 5-year anniversary of Blue Zenith Web Design and we’re highlighting a few of the companies and software products we’ve used over the years. WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce toolkit that allows a WordPress-powered website or blog to sell virtually anything.

E-Commerce: Mobile E-Commerce

eCommerce businesses simply can’t ignore mobile shoppers, but it is important to realize that mCommerce shoppers may be shopping in a completely different way than your regular eCommerce customers.

E-Commerce: Reverse Logistics

You may think you know logistics, but do you know “reverse logistics”? In a similar manner to regular logistics, processing and sometimes disposing of merchandise that is surplussed or returned to your business properly and effectively can have an important impact on your workload and bottom line.

E-Commerce: Logistics

Logistics are the “nuts and bolts” of your e-commerce business, and the success or failure of your business could likely depend on executing the logistics of your e-commerce business correctly.

E-Commerce: Merchant Accounts

One of the cornerstones of e-commerce is payment processing. It is practically impossible for online businesses to safely and reliably accept cash, which means that processing payments by credit and debit cards and electronic checks is required for almost all online transactions.