Business Blogging: It’s Business, Not Personal

Your business blog can quickly become a powerful platform to attract new customers and leads while at the same time reassuring existing customers that your product or service is superior to your competition.

Business Blogging: Getting Started

By regularly posting short and informative articles to a website, you can attract an audience of readers that quickly become customers, sales leads, and even future partners!

Get Found By Your Neighbors

One of the easiest, lasting ways you can increase your chances of being found by potential customers is to have your business listed in local online directories.

Getting the most from your business blog

your consistent blogging, writing interesting articles geared towards your clients pain points and on topics they would like to learn more about, in words they naturally use to search for your services will – over time – help you connect with your clients.

Would a blog be good for my business?

If you think about it, a blog is like a conversation. You can share your insights, experiences and describe how you have overcome challenges with people who understand where you are coming from. The key is that you stick to topics that concern your business audience....