Brand Guide Workbook

Define your brand and marketing foundation.

Build Your Brand. Grow Your Empire

Create an authentic brand that WOW’s!

Set The Foundation

Create intentional strategies to connect to your customers through customer-focused design.

Learn From Your Competition

The more you understand the choices your customers face, the better you can communicate your unique offerings.

Define Your True Value

Understand the real value your customers get from doing business with you and learn how to increase your worth.

Are you your client’s best kept secret?

Do you feel like you’re not attracting the attention of your ideal clients? With so much noise out there, how do you make a difference and stand out? By thinking of your business as a brand, you begin crafting the conversation that your clients are waiting to hear from you. Our Brand Guide Workbook will walk you through the process of stepping into your customers shoes and determining how to better connect with them. Your clients are waiting for you to be their expert. It all starts with a journey into understanding who they are and what they need to be successful. Are you ready to get started?

Get The Brand Guide Workbook

Our Brand Guide Workbook provides the first step into creating a brand that truly represents your business. It starts with diving into understanding your customers, identifying how you are different and better for them, and telling the story of why you do what you do. These are the foundational pieces of creating a brand that is memorable and worthy of your business.


What You’ll Learn

Target Market Analysis

Discover how to better understand your clients.

Competitive Analysis

How to take a close look at your competition and their marketing.

Brand Values and Culture

Define your core values.

Your Brand Story

How to tell your brand story in a way that connects to your ideal clients.

Your Brand Wow

Delight your customers and improve your digital engagement.

“I belive a well-built brand evolves your purpose into profit, essentially telling your story through the eyes of your customers, attracting the right people to your tribe and growing your business.” – Donna Galassi.

What is it all about?

It’s about providing your services with intention to making your clients feel great when doing business with you. Focus on how your services are delivered and truly connect with your clients.

Why do you need it?

People connect with people. Thinking of your business as a brand helps you to bring that same connection into your online digital marketing.

How do you get it?

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Get The Brand Guide Workbook!

Our Brand Guide Workbook is not your ordinary brand exercise workbook. I’ll walk you through branding and marketing foundations that will help you craft your story, and why you are different and unique in your offerings. Get focused on your marketing and think of branding in a whole new way!

Set Your Brand Foundation

I challenge you to work through these brand building blocks, to think through your answers in each exercise. Done right, you’ll find the elements of your story. Those elements define your brand and will connect to your visitors and why they should choose you. It will be the difference between a mediocre business and one that thrives.

Your Brand As A Feeling

A brand is what your clients and followers think about your business. It’s the feeling your clients have after doing business with you. If a brand is a feeling, then your marketing is one strategy to elicit that feeling. Brand strategies are the intentional processes and steps used to evoking the feelings you want your brand to be known for.