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Which Web Designer is Best for Me?

Launching a new business is a very stressful journey. One of the main stressors is completing a seemingly endless list of required tasks to get things up and running. Even if you are just taking your existing business online, there are still a multitude of questions...

Strategic Web Design

Most business owners know that they need a website. It is now considered one of the bare minimum requirements for a business to be considered professional and competitive. The steps that follow aren't always as straight-forward. As one of the many ways you communicate...

The Process of Taking a Brand Online

Whether there’s a strong brand already in place, or there’s work to extending an existing brand, building an effective website requires developing an understanding about the business and establishing brand expectations. Every element of the website must humanize and personify the business itself, personalizing the people behind the business, and project the brand image.

Brand Review: TLC Meals on Wheels

Let’s take a moment to look closely at one example of excellent brand management. TLC Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization that provides hot lunches to elderly and disabled people for a mere cost of $20 a week. The organization is run by more than 500...

Effective Web Design: Showcase Your Business

For your website to be effective, each web page should have a single purpose and, in combination, they should work together to present a unified image. The design and content must be focused, providing information in order of importance with compelling headlines to assist the reader in locating points of interest.

Craft Your Marketing Message Carefully

When speaking to your target market, be careful with your tone and word choice. You want to attract them to your offerings and encourage them to take the next step.