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Getting the most from LinkedIn

whether it be to look for a new job, present yourself and your business as a solution to potential clients, or just building an online network of professionals, there’s no better place to start than LinkedIn

Tapping the Power of LinkedIn

Linked In provides a unique buffer zone where you can evaluate prospective connections before you jump in. It is a place where you can generate leads, find a job, and gain influence in your community.

Tips to using Twitter for your business

Social Media – regardless of the platform – is meant to be social, friendly, helpful and personable. You’ll be more successful if you know what you are trying to accomplish, show your personality and keep it conversational.

What can Twitter do for Me?

After Facebook, Twitter is undeniably the most popular social media channel available. Twitter is similar to texting. It is an ongoing conversation with a specific audience. Many people enjoy the real-time interaction that Twitter provides. It is a great place to get...