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No matter how unique your business, there are millions of web pages competing for the same space on the search engine’s results page. Your first challenge is being found at all. And once your visitors land on your website, are they engaging, reading and taking action?

Your messaging is the magnet that attracts your customers. By showing the world how your business is different – the results your deliver to your customers, the impact you make in their lives and the world, and the connection made through relationships – your business is humanized and takes on a life of its own. Its how your customers relate and get to know the people behind the business. It’s why your customers choose to do business with you. Each of us are unique, and so are our businesses. By creating and defining those differences, we give voice to that uniqueness. Its how you stand out from the sea of competitors and gain the attention of your ideal clients.

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Customer Attraction System

Customer Attraction System

We want your brilliance to shine! Our signature Customer Attraction System crafts the right message to attract the right clients.

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Full-service Website Design

Website Designs That Work

We work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create memorable and outstanding websites that grow your business.

Website Design

Get Found Now Marketing

Get Found Now Marketing

We know the importance of being found by the right customers. Our packages are designed for small business to see big results.

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Websites That Work As Hard As You Do

Imagine connecting technology so that your website helps you automate processes in your business: Onboarding a new customer; Capturing leads; Connecting those interested in your services to your marketing automation; Allowing leads to schedule time on your calendar; Populating your CRM with potential customer contact information. We connect the tools that power small business.

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A Message From Our CEO

What's Your Super Power?

You have a superpower. That unique blend of things that makes you YOU! That superpower needs to shine to the world. Let us help you embolden that superpower, by building it into your message and giving it words to grow wings to fly.

I’m Donna Galassi, founder and CEO of Blue Zenith, building big brands for the serious entrepreneur through web design and brand strategy. I’m the genius brain behind the company, a collision of brand architect and girl geek.

Present your brilliance to the world. What are you waiting for?

Donna Galassi

CEO and Founder, Blue Zenith LLC

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Sustainable Digital Services

One Tree Planted
It is our mission to offer you an option in digital marketing solutions that are sustainable and support our great earth. As a Colorado-based company, we value the great outdoors. There’s nothing more relaxing or grounding than being away from our desks and out under the wide open skies anywhere in our great Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We are proud to align ourselves with One Tree Planted – for every dollar donated a tree is planted. We support this organization to keep our great outdoors as amazingly beautiful as it is today – well into the future. Your support in our business allows us to support this important organization.

Our Mission