Every business has their own USP – it’s the first thing that brings customers in. The better your USP, the longer these customers will stick around too. But there is always one thing to keep in mind: will this unique factor be strong enough to retain your customers over the next few years, instead of just months?

You can’t be sure, which is why you need to invest in loyalty retention strategies. Becoming more popular with your customer base is a winning formula for repeat custom, and the more you make the effort to address the customer directly, the more they’ll respond in kind. Here are a few tips on managing that.

Listen to Them

Listening is the most respected behavior in all of society, and it’s one that’ll make your business very popular with the customers coming through your doors. The more you listen, the more you can take their insight into account. This can then lead to strong and responsive website developments, better in-store promotions, and much more to say on your social media feed.

Listening is easy when you’ve got an ear out for it, but if you’re not sure where to start, always check out your most recent reviews. What are your customers saying, both positively and negatively? Both sides need to be considered, as there’s always going to be something a business can do better.

Make Payment Easy

Cash or card? It’s one of the most asked questions in the current shopping landscape. However, when you institute integrated payment systems into your POS, both off and online, it doesn’t have to be a complicated one. You can take payment in any form your customer prefers, and that makes for a smooth transaction every single time.

Make payment easy and people won’t visit your store with that grain of worry. Whatever way they want to pay, and whatever way they consent to share their details, they’ll be able to do so at your storefront.

Be Generous with Discounts

Everyone loves a sale, and if you want your customers to come back more than once, you need to indulge their love of getting more for their money. That’s why being generous with your discounts is a good idea, especially if you’re in your second or third year of business. You can squeeze a bit more to offer out of the same product line you’ve always operated with.

But if you’re worried about a loss of profit here, remember that being generous with discounts doesn’t need to be a bad influence on your bottom line. You can pick and choose the best sale seasons for you, and once you have, you don’t need to mark prices down by more than 20%.

If you want your business to be more popular with your customer base, you can bring at least twice the amount of attention your way by investing in your current following. As such, use ideas like these to encourage customer interaction for the future.