If you look back at marketing trends and strategies in the past, it’s easy to see how much marketing has changed and evolved over the years. The truth is, in 2024 consumers are way smarter than they used to be. In the past, you could sell just about anything with a catchy jingle and by running ads. 

But now the game has changed, and for your marketing to be effective you need…

  • Unique brand positioning
  • Compelling messaging
  • And most importantly – to build trust with your audience. 

How do you build trust with your audience? By showing up, being authentic, and leaning on what makes you unique in your business. 

We’re in the era of the personal brand. What does this mean? Consumers aren’t going to connect with “faceless” marketing anymore. They want to see a person to reassure them that there is a real human behind the brand. They also don’t want to see polished, perfect, and over-edited content anymore. People identify with the raw, the real, and the ordinary.  

Identifying What Sets Your Business Apart

Let’s discover what sets your business apart from the competition by answering some questions:

  • What do you do differently in your business compared to the competition? Do you…
    • Simplify the way something is done?
    • Serve a specific niche?
    • Create irresistible offers that speak directly to your customer’s pain points?
    • Create systems that help clients in a more effective way? 
    • Position yourself as the expert in your field to build authority?
  • What about your brand’s personality makes it stand out? 
    • What makes your business unique that keeps your customers coming back?
    • What is your brand experience like? 
    • What are your brand’s most important values?
    • What’s the backstory behind your brand?

… identifying these things will help you begin to discover what it is that makes your business unique. 

What Makes These Brands Stand Out

Let’s take a look at some big brand examples. 

Apple is known for their sleek and futuristic branding, as well as how they position themselves in the tech industry as a luxury brand. Their products are known for being high-end, aesthetically-pleasing, and innovative. Their branding is designed to focus on the customer experience, which tends to draw in the creative crowd. 

Temu is a brand that has recently blown up on social media because they have positioned themselves as an accessible, affordable brand. Even despite rumors and allegations of privacy issues when it comes to personal information, this brand is still immensely popular. Temu is known for being an online store that sells anything and everything from clothes, accessories, kitchen items, power tools, and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

Now, let’s take a look at some small business examples. 

Room Redefined is a professional organization company that works with clients to create balanced spaces that help them thrive in a functional environment that supports them in living their best life. They’re known for their personalized approach to each and every client. Owner and “Redefiner-in-Chief,” Erin, positions her brand as an authority in the organization industry by bringing her passion for organization and beautiful spaces to change the lives of her clients through how they function at home, work, or school. 

Priority Restoration Inc., is a dedicated team of highly qualified roofing and restoration experts providing start-to-finish solutions such as roofing, construction, gutters, siding, painting, and more. They’re known for their drive to do things the right way, the first time, for the best price, and in a timely manner. They position themselves as “not just another roofing company” but a friend to help you through a difficult process every step of the way. 

Strategies for Finding What Makes Your Business Unique

So, how do you actually understand your business’s differentiation factor? Here are a few steps you can take to get there: 

  • Conduct a competitive analysis to see where your strengths and opportunities are compared to your competitors. 
  • Understand trends and how you can leverage them to figure out the HOW of your differentiation
  • Do a deep dive on your services. Understand what you do differently and how you can use that to set yourself apart. 
  • Create an authentic message and use storytelling in your marketing. Embrace the rise of the personal brand and don’t be afraid to show your face in your marketing. 

When your business is in a highly competitive industry, it may seem daunting and difficult to find your business’s unique differentiation factor. Yet, with some time, thought, and a little bit of research, finding your unique selling point can help you to focus your message and simplify your marketing efforts. If you want to learn more about how Blue Zenith can help your business, contact us today!