As entrepreneurs we need to stand tall and stand out to get our business noticed and on top. That is a great goal, but what about a plan to get there?

What are the steps and the true business objectives to make that happen? Steps that can be broken into tasks and then measured. With the right objectives – and the right tools – you can set out in the right direction.

The right objectives

The following four objectives guides your marketing strategies. With focus, they help you get more traffic to your website and capture the attention of your ideal customers. These steps not only help your business stand out, with measured progress, they also grow your list with potential customers.

1. Findability.

The first step to standing out is being found. Potential customers can’t choose you if they don’t know you and your business exists. Grow the awareness of your business and your unique offerings by implementing a content strategy plan that communicates value to your ideal customers.

Drive them back to your website and set in place the metrics to measure your visitor interactions. That provides a solid plan for measuring success and for improving your strategies over time.

2. Stickiness.

Pique the interest of your followers and visitors and they’ll stick around to learn more. Find ways to capture their attention and make them feel validated. Let them know that you understand them.

Now that you’ve gotten a visitor to your website, make sure your message is truly about them. Let them know you understand their challenges and show them why you are the expert with the right solutions for them. Keep your visitors engaged on your site through design and strategies that delight and engage.

3. Connection.

Connection is the magic that happens when you allow your visitors to dream and see a future without their challenges. Show them a world that is free of their struggle. Help your visitors to see what life looks – and feels – like when they are living to their fullest potential. That is the true sense of connection.

Set analytics goals to measure how well your pages and content are performing. Measuring and analyzing the right metrics is the short path to success. Learn what is working and not working and improve your visitor experience.

4. Conversion.

Done right, findability, stickiness and connection leads you to the visitors that are your future customers. Conversion only happens when you have a strategy to engage with your online visitors – and is measured to improve over time.

Ensure you have the right opt-ins that are tailored to your potential customers and position you as their solution. Nurture those relationships and you’re investing in future growth!

The Right Tools

The key to measuring is understanding your website analytics and the power that it presents to you.

Once you know how you want your visitors to interact, the next step is setting up Analytical goals to measure the effectiveness of your website message, design, and user interaction. Monitoring these numbers over time will show you what is working, and more importantly, what needs to be changed to improve engagement and conversion.

Your Google Analytics is the power behind your marketing success. It provides the metrics that can keep your business on track to stand tall and stand out proud!

Did you know?

Did you know that Google is making some significant changes this year? This summer, in June 2023, Google will retire their Universal Analytics. If you haven’t already, reach out to us to let us know that you would like us to help you connect the new Google Analytics, GA4, to your website so that you don’t lose your analytical information once the change is made.

Your metrics and analytics are the foundation of measuring your marketing success. Let us help you make 2023 your best year yet!