As a business owner, each new year is a new beginning with goals to reach, objectives to set, and strategies to build a better business. 2022 was no exception.

For Blue Zenith, one of our main focuses for the year was to go deeper into tracking our website analytics, analyze the traffic coming into our website and optimize our web presence with a goal to uncovering missing opportunities.

We set out each month to answer the questions:

  • What was working to bring visitors to our website?
  • What key phrases were being used to find our services?
  • What content was most sought after – and read?

We wanted to better understand how our website was being used by our online visitors, so we could focus on improving the content they were looking for, and provide a better supported experience to those visitors.

That tracking started simple – a Google spreadsheet that began with a few numbers. As a team, we reviewed the analytics and identified the numbers we felt were most important to the growth of our business. Then each month we added new metrics, and new ways to see the data.

Once we had identified the information we wanted to track – we then looked for ways to simplify creating our monthly reports and gathering the numbers and information. We knew automation was the way to go. So we dived into Data Studio and created an in-depth report that matched the information we were tracking each month. Our process was now automated!

And yet we continue to adjust our report.

Each month we come up with new questions we want to see answered, and new ways to look at the data.

And now ten months later, we have finally created a system that makes it easy to track the analytics and to save the trending keywords over time so we can go back and see the main phrases that people are using to find our services – and more importantly, how that changes over time.

And with that one shift of attention, we have watched our traffic grow this year.

How has this shifted our strategy? We’ve used this information to develop new blog topics, create focused opt-ins that match the way we are being found, and are now developing new ideas to take the conversation one step further. By linking our most read articles to the appropriate pages on our site, we are better able to direct our visitors into the information they are looking for and ultimately are creating an elevated customer experience.

The biggest lesson we have learned, is that by setting clear intentions and watching key numbers over time has led to insights into our online visitors which ultimately has yielded a better customer experience. Our process now allows us to see things from our customer’s perspective – and allows us the insights to how – and what – we can improve. That is the only way to truly grow anything in business.

Are you interested in learning more about the tools we use? And how it can help improve your business? Use the link below to let us know what your business needs to be competitive in 2023.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Universal Google Analytics will be retired in 2023? That means the numbers you are tracking now for your business will no longer be available once Google switches over to GA4. We are helping our customers through that transition. By gathering information in both GA4 AND in Universal Analytics, you are provided the luxury of seeing trends over time.

Let us help you get your business on track connected to GA4 now before the switch happens in 2023 so you can begin building the website analytical history over time that gives you the insights you need.

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