Over the summer, I have gone out biking, hiking, and now, I am learning to scuba dive! Our daughter just became a divemaster, and in honor of that accomplishment, my husband, Andy, and I will meet her in Mexico to go diving together this winter.

My daughter lives to dive. She travels the world to dive in all the most exotic places. She’s traveled to Thailand, the Maldives, the Red Sea of Egypt, and Mexico, to name a few. She is a chemical engineer and works remotely, allowing her the opportunity to travel the world – and dive.

I never thought I would scuba dive. I never had a reason… Until now. I am learning to scuba dive because I want to experience that with her, to see the world through her eyes and experience the thing she loves the most.

I’ll tell you, it is her confidence and excitement for the sport that has inspired me to step outside my comfort zone so I can experience this along with her.

And this is exactly how we inspire our customers!

When we collaborate with our customers, we allow them to see the excitement of what we do, the confidence in the results we bring, and that excitement and confidence inspire them to see themselves transformed.

I’m always drawn back to the knowledge that the more people I serve, the more of an impact I will make. And this I know to be true: the more people I inspire, the more people I will serve.

Discover Why Your Customers Choose You

Each of us has our unique talents and skills that allow us to assist our customers along their journey. It is our job to use our expertise to help them see their potential, and inspire them to move into the uncomfortable space that is holding them back from the other side.

Just as my daughter has inspired me. 

So, think about this: how is it that you inspire your customers to see the best in themselves? How do you give them the tools they need to transform? Your customers come to you with their challenges and struggles – and the hope that you are the right person to work with them to get to the other side of those challenges. Your skills and expertise allow you to serve your customers uniquely.

And a part of your role is to inspire them to see a clear path to success.

Your message always needs to be one of inspiration – of possibilities. Remember that as you review your core brand messaging, position yourself as the expert. Position yourself as the one that inspires many, that affects many. That is the path to purpose and true impact.

Why Your Customers Choose You