Trust is foundational to a sustainable business

Trust is the one element in a business that will divide success from failure. Without trust, a business is not sustainable. There must be trust in your services, your expertise, your ability to deliver. These are things that are foundational to a thriving business. That sense of trust is built through time. Relationships are built through consistent action, delight, support, and of course a mutual sense of trust.

So, how do you build upon the trust our customers and potential customers see in our brand message?  One critical piece of building that trust is asking for testimonials.  Testimonials can provide a potential customer insight into the transformation and results your offerings provide. By speaking to the changes a customer saw in their life and business after working with you, their words can solidify why someone should work with you.

Is there a format that works best?

Testimonials can be written or delivered by video. The format is not as important as what is comfortable to the person giving the testimonial. When using written testimonials, though, it is our recommendation to use a photo of the person, along with full name. This lends more credibility to the testimonial.

A glowing testimonial from a customer is the greatest example of true connection.

Receiving feedback can sometimes feel uncomfortable, yet this is the one tool that can truly propel your business forward. There is value in hearing your customer vocalize the results you have brought to their life and business. Then asking yourself the question “how can we improve?” and “how can we make our process or delivery better?” Customer feedback can provide you insights to improving your processes and your business – and your offerings.

Think about when you’ve received a glowing testimonial. Didn’t it inspire confidence in your business offerings? It’s proof that you are doing this right! And didn’t it make you feel closer to your customer? That sense of connection is made when you are able to receive their feedback in true and authentic gratitude!

Make testimonials a part of your process.

My advice? Make it part of your customer experience, asking for testimonials and referrals. The best testimonials are when your customers speak to the results they received while working with you and how their life changed through the process. By guiding them with specific questions you can collect much more meaningful testimonials.

Questions like:

  • How has your business changed since working together?
  • What tangible results have you seen in your life and business?
  • What was your main challenge when you reached out and how has that challenge been resolved?

Then bask in the glow of what you are doing right. Celebrate your accomplishments. And use those customer testimonials in your marketing. It’s the best way to communicate the results and transformation your offerings provide – through the words of happy customers!