Last month was my birthday. My mom was flying in from Florida and I was excited to spend my birthday with her. While planning out the days she was visiting, my husband, Andy, hinted to me to leave Friday open.

That Friday, my mom and I planned a lazy morning, sitting outside with our breakfast and coffee. It was a joy to spend time with my mom! I had invited Alex to come by for breakfast with us, and he was late. I heard him arrive and knew he would find us outside on the back deck. He came outside to greet us, and behind him was my daughter Andrea, my sister Dianne, my brother Anthony, and my dad. I was SO surprised! They had each flown from out of town to be with me on my birthday! It was actually the best birthday gift I could have ever imagined!

So why am I telling you this?

I tell you this for this one simple reason. Allowing yourself to receive – to receive delight, to receive support, to receive guidance – there must be trust. Trust in the people you surround yourself with. Trust in yourself.

And it is this same sense of trust and reliance that your customers need to have in you. Just as I allowed my family to take care of my day, allowing the surprise and delight to unfold, your customers look to you to direct and guide their own transformation.

That trust is built through time, with each interaction you have with your customer and is the most important element of success.

Trust is the one thing that separates success from failure!

Trust is so important to your business that I wrote a blog article providing tips to building that sense of trust within your digital brand.

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