I had a conversation with a potential customer the other day about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I asked her to identify her competition. She said, “Everyone in my industry is my competition”. I understood what she meant – her industry (like web design companies), is a dime a dozen. So many businesses provide similar services.

Yet, I pushed back on her, because I truly believe we are each unique within our industry, in not just how we serve and provide our offerings, but in who we serve that uniquely needs our approach, our perspective, and the transformation we deliver.

So, I said just that to her – I understand the service itself is common, but the magic lies in how her services are delivered. That would be her differentiation. We spoke about the longevity her company has been in business, how she supports and gives back to her local community, and how her business provides a fresh honest perspective to her potential customers that her competition typically does not.

After our conversation, she agreed with me. That her old messaging was indeed showing her business as if she were lost in the sea of competition, presenting the same as everyone else. We agreed that a fresh look at her digital marketing to highlight how her business was different was key to growing her customer base and to her business success.

And so it should be for you and your business.

Your message is the magnetic attraction that pulls the right people into your business. When your message is infused with your excitement in how you lift up your customers to get results, you provide them the tools and the path to fulfill their purpose.

And this is where SEO comes into play. SEO consists of content tailored to deliver the right message to your ideal audience. It’s about the right people becoming informed about your business and what it offers, understanding that the message is meant for them, and coming to know that you are the right person to help them.

SEO is the tool that helps you serve more people. It is the first line of awareness to build the community of followers that will get your message out. And when done right, it is the vehicle to make more money – and to serve more people.

It’s our mission to facilitate change by assisting more business owners with the opportunity to reach more customers and make a bigger impact through serving more customers. When we are successful in that – getting your message out and bringing more people to your website – it helps us fulfill that mission.

I want to present an article written in 2019, that is still as relevant today as it was when it was written. It’s about the power of your message, and knowing your audience. SEO draws people to your website, but it is the next step – when the right message keeps people on your website engaging with your business – that SEO becomes truly effective. Those two parts combined make up the magic of SEO – and are equal parts of a successful SEO campaign.

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