The article, Low-Cost Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses, was published on UpCity. As one of UpCity’s Top Branding Agencies in the U.S., Blue Zenith Design + Strategy’s very own Brand Strategist, Donna Galassi, contributed her professional insight.

With an abundance of marketing methods available, businesses no longer need to break the bank to develop an impactful creative marketing strategy. From digital marketing best practices, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and networking, small businesses have an assortment of options at their fingertips.

UpCity, an online marketplace that connects businesses with trustworthy B2B service providers, corresponded directly with the marketing experts themselves on their tips and ideas for implementing a budget-friendly marketing strategy that resonates with consumers. Donna provided her expert advice for selecting the right audience to target:

Don’t target everyone – Target YOUR audience and speak to them! Start off small with your budget, run a few types of ads or promoted posts, learn what gets the best engagement, and do more of that!
– Donna Galassi, Brand Strategist at Blue Zenith Design + Strategy

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