In our previous post, we introduced the concept of creating an online conversion funnel and tips to identify the right content to attract your right customers. We focused on finding the right topics, and choosing the right media to deliver the content. The next step is crafting the right communications to keep your potential customers engaged with you and your expertise.

Crafting the Right Communications

When crafting the landing page with your opt-in box on it, keep in mind the value that you are providing. Value is not the same as the answers you’ll be providing to them, it is not even the things they’ll learn by engaging with your opt-in material. Value is more about how your expertise will change their life or business. Understanding the value leads to the results provided.

Value Leads to Results

Think about a giveaway headline: 5 Tips To Better Engagement on Facebook. That may be the title of the giveaway, but the value goes much deeper than that. Think to the next step – and ask this question: What is the value of knowing 5 tips to better engagement on Facebook?

Now you are beginning to draw the connection to how engaging with the opt-in content can lead to the results that will change my business. By thinking about the value through the eyes of your reader, you are connecting the dots to what makes this topic important to the reader.

The value to having better engagement on Facebook could mean:

  1. more engagement means a more engaged community on social media
  2. a more engaged community means more awareness for my business, my expertise and offerings
  3. more awareness for my business means more potential customers will remember my services when its time to make a purchase

You see… By understanding the true value of your lead magnet, you are beginning to drill down into the true value and importance of the message – and the results – that leads someone to fill out the opt-in box and give up their email address to you.

Results Lead to Transformation

Transformation goes beyond the results. Transformation is what happens after the results. It is more the way that life or business changes because of the results. Transformation hints into the possibilities of what the results can bring or yield.  So, using the same example above, think to yourself, what happens after the results are experienced?

  1. With more potential customers, there are more possible conversions
  2. More conversions leads to more customers
  3. More customers leads to more revenue
  4. More revenue transforms the business and allows the dreams to become reality – to hire that assistant, to grow the team, to expand to a new location …. Again, you get it. Transformation takes results to a higher level.

Now put it all together

Now that you know the Value, the Results and the Transformation, you can being crafting the communication to promote your opt-in.  Use what you’ve learned from the above exercise to craft meaningful content that truly connects with your audience and show them that you understand their challenges.

Use this new understanding to create your unique opt-in topic. Once you have your opt-in created, with your communications expressing the value, results and transformation, you’ll better connect with the RIGHT visitors to fill out the opt-in, build your email list and gain the exposure you are looking for to build and grow your business.