Be honest – does your site need a subtle makeover? Or maybe a total overhaul? The new year is the perfect time to rebrand and redesign. From something as simple as a new color palette to something as dramatic as a brand-new name, now is the time to make changes (big or small!).

A rebrand and redesign can completely change a client’s perception of your brand. It can show that you’re serious about your company’s growth, that you’re changing with the times, and that you’re all about evolution and innovation. There are many reasons why you might choose to rebrand, but below are some of the most common.

Reasons to Rebrand

You’re not attracting your target audience. If you do everything you’re supposed to do – send out regular newsletters, post social media updates, blog – but you don’t get a response, the problem might be your branding. Change up your look so it’s more attractive to your target demographic, and you may start getting some interaction.

You want to shake off an old image.
There are lots of reasons why your old image may not be working for you anymore. Maybe you want to attract a different customer base. Maybe you want to raise your prices, and your old image doesn’t reflect that.

You outgrew your original mission. If your brand no longer reflects your mission or values, it might be time for a rebrand/redesign. As your business grows, you might change your mind about your business model or marketing strategy. When that happens, you need to change your brand to reflect it.

You’re embarrassed by your website or logo. Let’s face it – sometimes a new entrepreneur can’t afford to pay for a professional website, so they design one themselves. Sometimes, that website is less-than-fabulous. When business picks up, and you have more available capital, investing in a professional website design is a smart way to invest in your business.

You need to differentiate yourself from the competition. A lot of people own a small business. So, how do you keep yourself from looking exactly like everyone else who does what you do? You need a look that’s unique and a brand that makes people want to learn more.

New Year, New Options

While a rebrand or redesign can do amazing things for your business, keep in mind that it can also be rather involved and time-consuming. When you switch up your website, you also have to switch up everything else. Business cards, social media profiles, newsletter templates – everything has to have a unified look. You want your work to be recognized as uniquely belonging to you, so your branding has to be the same across all mediums!

If you’ve been thinking about a refresh of your brand, or a complete rebrand, it’s the perfect time to start. A new brand is a great way to kickstart a new year for your business.

Is the timing right to re-brand and re-design your website?