It is no secret: you need a website to do it if you want to be taken seriously as a business and as a provider of solutions in logistics, sales, or services.

But not all websites are created equal, and turning your page into a powerful, fully integrated tool that attracts traffic and then directs that traffic to your site as “activated” potential clients is something of a science.

Websites have long since stopped being mere sources of information. Now, they collect data, demographics, predict consumer behavior, and then pass all of that data onto you so that you can determine how that data will be converted into a clientele that is highly productive and ultimately converted into a customer or client.

To achieve this high level of coordination between your online presence, the agency that manages your digital marketing and SEO management and also goes some way to driving the very traffic to your website that you’re hoping to convert into clients. But before you outsource to an agency (which is hands down the best thing to do), there are five key points that you as the site owner need to be competent in to engage effectively.

Website Appearances Matter

Utilize white space. Websites with too many colors happening all over them without straightforward site navigation are thousands of times less likely to engage with potential customers. It may look sleek and sexy to savvy users. Still, to the general public who you mean to attract and ultimately convert to sales, you want the ease of use, streamlined navigation, and easy-to-read sections, and “action buttons” that keep your audience interested.

Ease of Navigation

Fancy buttons, extensions, and multiple windows make sense to the folks that work with this sort of thing every day. Still, again – as in the previous section, to the “Average Joe,” they’re not interested in finding minimalist bars hidden in the top right corners of the page that suddenly reveal a whole new host of options that should have been instantly obvious on all websites from the word go.

Heightened Engagement

Engage your visitors with special offers and pertinent information that’s virtually instantly available. You’ll find these statistics on other sites, too, but your visitors have made up their minds within 50 MILLISECONDS whether or not they’re going to continue using your website.

It’s mind-boggling how some websites still have “introduction pages” that a visitor must then click to reveal another page and so on. Why? This serves absolutely no purpose.

Speed And Simplicity

There is not much more to say about this, but websites with massive backends take forever to load pages that don’t add much value to anything and are just wasting opportunities.

Responsive Design

Websites need to be responsive to requests, and this is where your team has to know what they’re doing. Every click has to generate an action that is productive and leads the user onto another section that will create information or even the possibility to turn that interaction into a sale or, at the very least, a query.

Now, if you have a team of staff that can make these things happen, then that’s great, but for the regular-sized small to medium-sized businesses, you’re going to need someone that can do that for you – and much, much more. is one of the agencies that incorporate holistic skillsets to manage internet traffic and particularly website traffic; check them out.

*Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels