If your business was a person, how would you want them to speak? That’s what tone of voice is. Tone of voice can determine the way you communicate with your audience, while also complementing the other elements of your brand. Establishing a tone of voice is a new concept for many brands, but it’s something that every business or organization can implement to set a direction for their work.
Why is tone of voice important for your brand, and how do you implement it? Learn how easily you can use it to define your brand.

Tone of voice gives your brand a personality

A brand consists of many things, from the logo you choose to the colors and fonts you use in your work. Tone of voice is another key component, and arguably one of the most important, as it is how you will directly engage with your customers. Tone of voice brings your brand to life, helping to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Take a look at some excellent tone of voice guidance examples to give you some ideas of how tone of voice can shape a brand.

It helps you communicate with your customers

Having a defined way of communicating with your customers means everyone from your customer service teams to your CEO understands how to speak to them when representing your brand. Tone of voice can make written content much easier to produce, as you’ll have a clear direction for how you should be communicating.

If you work with external agencies, freelancers, and even partners, having tone of voice guidelines will help provide guidance to anyone working with you to keep your output consistent. When using online reputation management services, tone of voice can help make sure customers are being responded to in the right way, no matter the sentiment of their comments. Tone of voice provides direction to anyone who works with you to really strengthen your brand’s messaging.

The right tone leaves a lasting impression

Tone of voice can leave a lasting impression, especially if you can demonstrate that you’re a socially conscious brand that is in touch with its audience. Your tone and writing style can resonate with your customers, making them feel a deeper connection to you. Establishing your tone of voice guidelines keeps things consistent, and it’s something your customers will become more and more familiar with in time.

Finding different ways to engage with your audience is a great way to grow your business. Through your tone of voice guidance, you can make sure that your messaging is consistent and that you have a recognizable voice that speaks to your customers. When it comes to increasing business growth, your brand can be an important asset, with your tone of voice at the heart of it. Whatever your business size or the industry you’re in, it’s time to give your brand the tone of voice it needs to improve the way you communicate with your audience.