When it comes to getting found online, awareness and attraction are the first steps toward successful marketing goals. People can’t buy from you if they don’t know the business exists or delivers the services they seek. That means having website design and content to start a conversation and build a relationship with your readers. Introduce who you are, the inspiration for what you do, how to connect, and offer additional valuable insights.

Your website is your primary marketing tool that showcases your products and services along with a simple way to learn more about them and make purchases. Combined tools, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX) Design, you can target your message and expand your audience, from local to national or global. Where and when your message is delivered takes strategy. And the message itself must offer authenticity and trust.

Tools of the Trade

Using SEO, User Experience (UX)design, and clear messaging on your website and social media will attract the right customers. These are people who want and need your product or service to simplify their lives in some way or remove an aggravating obstacle. When your website has the proper design elements, SEO tools let consumers locate you in a quick browser search while eye-catching colors and images keep them there. Testing the right combination of tools and design helps create a flexible strategy that grabs the most attention over time. But the message you deliver about you, what your business offers, and your buying process should remain consistent for relationship building. Done right, your strategy will spark interest, and your offerings will begin to grow a community built on trust.

Building Trust and Expertise

Trust is the foundation of every transaction. Use your expertise to lead the conversation confidently and share your message with the world. Digital marketing is the most efficient, cost-effective way to expand your reach, impact, and grow your audience. Over time, you’ll be continually creating and building authentic relationships with potential customers. They will learn why you are the expert or leader in your space. Be true to yourself, your values, and what is most important. Your audience will relate on a human level.

Your messages must speak directly to consumers to break through the noise of online competitors. Talk to your clients about specific challenges in a way that lets them know you understand. Grab their attention with a recognizable story or scenario that provides options, information, and accessibility. You know their pain because this story was the brainchild of your business. They see a familiar situation and stop to learn more. Once consumers take the time to engage, they can determine if you provide a result that works for them. Even if you don’t have exactly what they need, they will appreciate and trust you for the knowledge you shared in their decision-making process. They may be a future customer or a valuable source of referral business.

Fine-Tuning and Broadcasting the Message

When customers can trust and relate to you, it’s easy to find out what may be holding them back from purchasing through emails and surveys. Feedback helps you offer more convenience, quality, and options. When your messaging begins generating consistent leads, you can grow your awareness with a larger circle of influence. Attract consumers through social media campaigns and networking groups in-person or online to determine which channels work best. Each channel will present various challenges and require different techniques. Using the right language allows you to attract the perfect consumer fit. Let the wrong people continue their search to avoid wasting everyone’s time and energy.

Broadcasting your trust and expertise further takes a strategy. Building a relationship with existing and potential customers is what it takes to gain consumer confidence in your brand. That confidence opens you up to new audiences eager to meet you. Great tools to reach larger audiences include podcasts, monthly blog articles, video clips, or a mix of media. Be creative and reach out to local media venues to get the exposure to reach a wider audience.

Getting Found by Supporting Your Community

There are many other strategies to take your awareness to the next level. Letting people know you give back to your community and practice social awareness also speaks to buyers. Consumers like the opportunity to make moral and ethically conscious decisions. Your cause can make your business distinctive and give them a sense of purpose.

The content you provide on your website should also be educational and valuable to your unique tribe of people. Free downloads of information make it clear that you understand their challenges. Help them by sharing information on what they need or want to know. When they are ready to use your service, they will remember you had enough confidence in what you do to teach them about it. This multiplies the level of attraction and builds even more credibility. In our last Get Found Now Marketing newsletter we talked about new ways to deliver in 2021.

More people will find your website when all forms of content and messaging link back to it whenever possible. Know the recommendations of getting found for using each social media platform to get higher engagement through cross-promotion. Link messaging between other reputable business partners that increase the value offered to your clients. Automation tools are used to make these tasks simple and easy. Get the most out of your website and marketing efforts, and you will always have enough awareness and attraction to be found and create a buzz in your industry!