*Updated 02/12/2021
Get to know your ideal client and what they need. That is the number one thing you can do right now to help your business succeed! This simple task requires no money from you, no special paperwork, and no expensive software – just a little time and effort. Today, more than anything else, knowing your customers’ needs is the absolute foundation of your business. In fact, without that knowledge, there is zero chance of success. Before you embark on your next marketing campaign you will want to know just who your ideal client is.

Who Are They?

If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably already know who your target audience is. If you never really sat down and figured it out, though, now’s the time to do it. Your ideal client is everything. Literally all your content should be based on who they are. When determining your audience, be as detailed as possible. How old are they? Are they married? Gender? Do they have kids? Where do they work? What do they do for fun? What issues concern them? What are they lacking in life? … and more! Write down absolutely everything you can think of, it’s valuable data when it comes to marketing.

Do They Have a Problem to Solve?

When you think about your ideal client what are their pain points? What do they wish they had more of in life? What daily tasks do they need to do, but just really hate? Your target audience’s needs should align with the products or services that you’re offering. Fact is, no matter how great you are, you can’t sell someone something they don’t want. So, for example, if you’re marketing dog-training services, don’t target people who don’t own a dog. Seems pretty simple, right?

Address Client Needs

Think about those pain points, and then think about how you can solve them. When it comes to marketing, you can’t sell a product anymore. There are too many people out there selling the same thing. You can sell a benefit. For instance, “The #1 Top-Selling Dog Training” DVD in the country is a product. Saving time and effort by eliminating accidents on the carpet is a benefit. Let your audience know how you’re going to make their lives easier. Tell them why they need you.

Who Are They Doing Business With?

Do some research and find out with whom your ideal client is currently doing business. If they’re already buying a similar product or service, where are they getting it? Who are your competitors, and what do you offer that they do not? If they’re not already using a similar product, are they looking for it? Where do they hang out? What do they talk about? Get all up in their business – the more you know, the better!

In a Zopto blog titled Know Your Prospect: Identifying Your Target Audience, they discuss many ways to identify your target audience. There are even some examples and ways to take a closer look at some of the attributes used in defining them. It’s a pretty good in-depth guide to discovering and then targeting the ideal audience in your marketing campaigns.

Generally speaking, the more information you have about the people using your products or services, the easier it is to come up with ways to excite them!

Today’s market is so saturated with every sort of product (and service) imaginable. There’s only one way you can sell – learn exactly what your audience needs. Take that one thing and become the absolute best at it. That is what will set your business on top.