2020 delivered change in a big way. The new year, 2021 is now asking us to embrace that change and make it our own. I had two people tell me recently that COVID had closed a door on their business dreams of speaking. And though I can agree with a part of that, 2020 changed many things and some of the biggest changes came to how speakers present. I also strongly disagree. The stage is not the only way to be impactful.

New Ways to Deliver

There are still plenty of ways to deliver a message to an audience. With digital marketing, with zoom and virtual conferences, businesses and organizations are embracing the change that 2020 delivered to us. Its time to see the open window instead of the closed door. Its time to acknowledge that the changes we’ve seen are here to stay, in one form or another. We’re all looking for hope, for something to aspire to, to connect again with our community. And to tell you the truth, it’s still there. It may look different, and the “how” may have changed, but we are all still craving connection.

The opportunities that 2020 gave to our businesses are expansive – from serving people around the world using zoom and virtual technology, to using online class and membership programs to build a community within your business. I challenge you to see the open window. Do you have the courage to climb through?

How 2020 Will Influence Digital Marketing in 2021

Design is so much more than color and fonts. It’s a feeling. Its ease of use, ease of finding what you are looking for. Design helps us engage with the cold, flat digital screen, and brings that to life. Its truly amazing when you think about how placement, color, fonts, use of typography, layout, imagery, spoken and written words, all combined make us feel something, guides us to the right places, answers our questions.

In our blog, 2021 Trends: All Things Digital Marketing, we touch on the options technology offers customers to market their business, generate leads and engage existing and potential customers. In this we offer subtle ways to shift your brand and raise the bar on user experience.

Embrace the unexpected changes

So even though 2020 changed the way we interact with the world, putting our own lives, and the people we love, into perspective; that same change of perspective and what we want from life, is reflected in design. That means that what makes us feel comfortable has changed, and so will the way we show up digitally online. Expect to see bold, bright, positive colors that inspire us to move, to rethink, to engage and to connect.

And now that we’re embracing digital, the way we engage and accept digital to reach a wider audience is changing too. We WANT to be online for the time savings, we NEED to be in a community to fuel our souls. There are so many tools out there to help us grow and manage our business. We’ve been helping customers bring their message out to the world in a big digital way! If you want to see how we could help YOUR business grow, reach out to me for a digital marketing review. I’d love to help you shine your brilliance on 2021!