Trust is actually business currency that is linked to success. If you have customers who trust your excellent service you have a win-win situation. No one can define the origin of ‘trust’ but it emanates from you, from your expertise, from your mission statement, from word of mouth, from the way you provide service to your customer. Once you can demonstrate trust, the process begins. So, how do you go about earning and retaining the trust factor?

Solid actions that build trust in a business environment are competence, communication and commitment.

Trust competence

Be the best you can be, make your expertise outshine your competition, keep ahead of the game by continuous learning, utilizing new tools. Deliver more than your client expects from your credentials. Provide the customer service they will depend on, partner with them to elevate their business. Open yourself up to relay the pride and passion you have for them, from first contact through the end of the relationship, enhance their experience. Share your credentials on your website and have then understand the authentic person that stands behind the business name. In a quote by Chris Butler, “Trust is earned when actions meet words.”


Situations always arise, so quickly deal with concerns and problems. Don’t disconnect or distract yourself from any issues, address them full speed ahead. Address complaints quickly, share information. Quick, truthful actions will show your concerns and build trust, also this elevates the business from other competitors. Show how much you relate to their issues and become a trusted advisor. Demonstrate that you respect their words of concern. Highlight the customer!

Remember to handle all conflicts with curtesy and be forgiving, things happen, so be tolerant and flexible.

Respect. Respect. Respect.

There is a short list of ways we can gain trust. Return phone calls, be prompt returning emails. Be on time and address all points the first time around. Most customers are super busy working hard at their business, so be aware of their own time constraints and personal schedule.

At this time, we need to point out that respect includes being truthful and open in your dealings at all times, especially when it comse to money, payments, and what is expected on both sides. Do your best to live up to your promises and know that transparent conversations are worth their weight in gold!

Commit to Know, Like and trust

Kevin Knebl is the CEO of Knebl Communications, LLC, coauthor of The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking. He teaches how to dive into your “Know, Like, Trust Factor” to small, medium and Fortune 500 companies all over the world. I mention this to realize how many of the top Fortune 500 companies value trust as a major part of their commitment to their customers.

Deliver the unexpected, delight your customer. Give them more than they ask for. These qualities add value to their commitment to work with you. Employees and co-workers go above and beyond when they are treated with the same level of trust and respect afforded your customers.