Every company needs a great marketing strategy. Without it, your business won’t reach its full potential. With an analytics marketing guide, you can look at ways to improve your business and change your marketing strategy as needed. Here are some tips to aid you in your quest!

Press / Radio / Television

Remember that there are stations and local press in which advertising can be quite inexpensive. In addition, many of them may be open to possible collaborations to create programs or sections of interest to their audience and in which you can contribute your knowledge.

Exchange of services

This is about reaching agreements with other companies or businesses with which we can share a target audience but to whom we provide different products or services. It is like cross selling but collaborating with other companies. Imagine a mechanic shop, a paint shop, and a manual car cleaning company. Same target audience but different services. In addition, if the circumstance arises that we are, at the same time, mutual clients and suppliers, you can also consider the possibility of exchanging services, which may be a boon to your business, especially if you’re just starting out.

Guest contribution/ 10-2020


Promotional products are also a very interesting source of promotion for your business. They can be products that are related to your business and the needs of your potential clients, personalized office supplies (USBs, mats, etc.) or more generic products such as keychains, caps or personalized t-shirts. With this, you will be able to be present in the daily life of your potential client and, even, that they themselves become promoters of your brand.

Google My Business

It is not a page itself, but the Google tool that will allow you, among other sites, to appear on Google Maps when someone close to your position searches for your business. In addition, as Google’s functionality is intended for this, it is the best way to communicate to the search engine that your business exists. Among other functions, you can detail where your business is from the search page, what hours it has, make comments and offers that will appear in GMaps, manage customer reviews and ratings, etc.

Social networks

It is that the greater the presence and the greater interactivity of our business on the Internet, the better results and better visibility. For this, social networks are an instrument that allow the interaction and information of your business first-hand. It is also very convenient that we ensure the presence of our business in all those where it has room.

Facebook is the most suitable for holding conversations, responding to demands and / or complaints, announcing events. Twitter to follow current events, hunt trends and take advantage of them to advertise our business, Instagram to show our premises as a nearby space, Pinterest and Flickr for very businesses visual and creative and LinkedIn to network with partners, investors, employees, etc. Be sure to look at the best hashtags to use for your business because believe it or not, the hashtags you use are going to help promote your business the most.