Hashtags have become the rage for personal and business purposes. Do you need to use them in your social media? Let’s take a stroll around #Hashtag Lane and discover the label that took the world by storm.

All social media sites are interconnected, so it sometimes pays to help your audience find specific content that draws their specific interest. Content that contain hashtags leads to other sites that have used that hashtag with a common theme. Now social media users can explore the content that they find most interesting and filter out the information they have no interest in.

Increase Social Media impact

The brand information you post on social media now increases your social media impact because hashtags give you the power to make your content discoverable by other users. The fact is this expansion of your content to another level is free, and all you need to do is learn each platform and pay attention to trends.

Let us guide you through the digital clutter and focus on what information is important. That’s also exactly what a hashtag does for you. We just need to grasp a couple of things so we can use hashtags correctly without becoming overwhelmed.

Hashtag History

Hashtag use originally began on Twitter, but use of them has branched out to sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. Looking for specific subjective information? Searching a specific hashtag will pull in the results you want, funneling out clutter.

The person searching for specific info then spends some time grazing, reviewing and reading through the content. Since more and more platforms are becoming popular, the deluge of information needs to be filtered because social media users are somewhat overwhelmed. Be distinctive by creating a unique hashtag that really defines your message.

Discover Industry Related Hashtags

If you want to discover industry related hashtags start by searching Twitter. To hone into users who would be directed to your services and brand, you could check replies to your association’s tweets and the accounts of other leading industry organizations to learn what hashtags they are using. That would interconnect your communications with theirs and make it available to interested users.

There are definitely new tools you can use for free that analyze the conversations and focus on influencers, providing information on which hashtags can enhance your specific brand. You will need to use tools to effectively track hashtag use since its use has become so wide spread. So, do some research to define the best ones that will serve your brand best.

Hashtag Tools You Can Use

Here are a few tools you can use for hashtag analysis that might serve you well without any specific recommendation on any of them. These can change or evolve at any time but it’s a start to find hashtags that will work for you. Most of these sites provide free and next tier paid pricing options, but it’s a way to start. Social Alert identifies as a hassle-free way to track hashtags, key words and social accounts. It has 4 tiers of pricing and the website claims to provide historical data with their analytics report. They have tools that analyze performance and insights into your social media campaigns.

On the Hashtagify website, they offer to boost success through hashtag marketing. They offer a free trial so you can watch their tools at work and see if it fits. They offer hashtag suggestions and will identify Twitter influencers for you.

An easy way to find hashtags that will work for your business is Rite Tag who provides instant suggestions for images and texts for desktop and mobile. They track engagement instantly, in real timey. So, that might work for the updated occasional hashtag you might need for your social insights. They offer a free trial for users.

Specifically, for Twitter use, Track My Hashtag also works in real time but can search back from 2006 to present, what influences action on Twitter.

Now that you realize your business can track, analyze, and get a fix on what’s working, you can begin to use hashtags to your marketing advantage. In our next blog we can help place you on the path to better hashtag use that will help enhance your brand.