Adding videos to your website content allows visitors to consume more of your content, quicker. We are bombarded with so much static that our attention span has shortened to the point that we seek more interactive content. Businesses that strive to build connections are forming an online relationship with their website visitors. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, sharing their expertise or just telling their personal story. Creating and posting relevant and engaging videos can mark a real increase in rankings and traffic. This supplements your visitor’s online experiences.

If you think this is just a passing trend, you’re wrong. It is here to stay and can only grow by the year since 45% of people are watching more than an hour of videos on either YouTube or Facebook, per day. One other percentage I will throw out there is that websites with video content are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google’s search results.

A Website Video Experience

If you are thinking this is all about experience only, think again! Online sales, demo product videos, SEO marketing. All this and more adds up to website video being a winner for your brand. Brands have learned that with an Ecommerce site, adding videos for customers to engage with their produces, creates a sales funnel. It’s a more efficient method of learning about your products, while meeting the proprietor.

Inbound marketing strategy is another way of conversion. By using for product demonstration, marketing videos from your website they become shareable social media and guess where it leads to? Right back to your site! So, these videos help you earn more backlinks and are sharable among your customers too. Telling people how great you and your products are is fantastic, showing them is awesome.

Stand Out Online

Different types of videos might give you an edge to make your business stand out online. Though always you want to remain relevant to your brand, you always want to make a statement to help outrank your competitors online. To answer searchers questions, search engines seek out quality content that answers those questions and reflects valuable information to match those queries.

One tip is to keep your website video front and center. Do not hide it so visitors have to search for it. Embed it in a conspicuous place, you do not want users to have to search for it. This helps for ranking also, and you have more than one place you would like to add a video, put up a different one. You don’t want to embed it in more than one spot, keep it the front focus it should be.

Give a Demonstration

If you are unveiling something special, even want to ramp up an event you’re sponsoring, add website video to the text, excite the visitor with a personal assessment or personal invite. When using your specially created video for SEO, a high quality, concise video will help ranking, and keep the visitor entertained on your site.

The really nice part of this is that WordPress is very versatile and makes it super easy to embed videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and others. So, if your web designer has built your website using WordPress, your options for sharing and highlighting your video is huge. WordPress has a massive support system that demonstrates how to utilize their most popular tools and features to make their product super user friendly.

Lights! Camera! Action! Join the millions of users who are learning to create magic on their sites by utilizing personal marketing skills to introduce their website to the newest, trendiest mode of content.