A color palette can affect our mood; various colors project an image and can help gain trust. Selecting the right colors for your website is crucial to your brand story and message. The colors you choose is a critical component of the image you want to project early on in the process of decision making, because every color evokes a significant feeling.

How brands use color

“What?” You might ask. Blue gains trust, orange displays fun, green symbolizes growth, harmony, and fertility. So, having the right color schemes can favorably project your brand. Big brands like Macys, Facebook, Google and Uber have kept consistent colors throughout the years and across all channels. Seeing red? We all know Target. Coca Cola, Walmart, Amazon and the golden arches, all recognizable colors that either tend to make us hungry or want to order something. Essentially this is how they ingeniously plant an image in our controllable mind.

Now that we have covered the basic idea, we can move onto a color palette, a range of relevant colors that can be used across the board for all kinds of purposes. These include website design, graphics, logos and brand identity. Strive to deliver your brands’ message through an appropriate choice of colors. Make them pop, and become a recognizable component of your brand.

Explore the use of color palette generators

Most of us have a problem choosing complementary colors that combine well. First you want to appoint a dominant color that reflects logo, brand and website. Create a color palette by combining this dominant color with blending colors that can be used alongside the dominant color. How do you do that if you are not a skilled designer? I went into five different color generator sites and reviewed them to check on ease of use.

Color paleete for july 2020 blog

Picturesque view of beautiful seashore. Color palette


I loved this site; it was so inspiring and shared such a beautiful array of color palette you can share with the world. It features a gradient builder and search tool, which was an added tool to use on a free site, it rocks!


This is a great little app developed for Mac and iPhone you can use and enjoy if that’s the platform you use. You can generate color schemes from photos, then name, organize and share. If you get the pro version export options are expanded. The editor makes editing a powerful and pleasant experience.

Adobe Color Wheel

First page grabbed me and the colors were amazing! Easily generate a stunning palette or complementary color from any dominant color. If you’ve got an account with Adobe, log in and save your generated palettes for later, or share them. This is a good way to play with your initial base colors and expand your horizons.

Camping equipment near tent with sleeping bags. Color palette

Color Hunt

A relative newcomer, Color Hunt is a website for just making colors. The site provides an unending list of palettes which can all be saved for later, but you got a lot to work with here. Color Hunt is a free and open forum for color inspiration. There are thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes anyone can use.

Color by Hailpixel

A very cool, cursor-based interface that offers a new and entertaining method of generating palettes. Mouse around to change hue and lightness, scroll to adjust saturation, You have to really try this, it is a fun way to understand gradient colors.

Cohesive Colors

This site is a great tool for helping to make your color palettes feel uniform. If you’re having trouble with getting that last couple of colors right, try this site. It is easy to use and also free.

Years ago Blue Zenith Design and Strategy had a series on Color Palettes but this was before such engaging sites were developed to generate beautiful palettes so easily. So feel free to try out each of these color palette generator sites. They are fun and can be really helpful in the event you want to update your website. There are always new ways to do things that took us so very long years ago. Take advantage of the fun tools that are now at your disposal.