Whatever is Zoom? Well, it’s free, easy and used every day by more than 100 million people. Zoom is not perfect but it surely works well. It is a highly functional communication method that saved many businesses and families during the lockdown of the pandemic in 2020. This app will be remembered because it was quietly hovering in the background just waiting for an event to be discovered by the world.

Never Heard of Zoom before?

If you have not been introduced to Zoom you are wondering what the big deal is. The true benefit for business is that it has a unique scheduling function, so you can mark your calendar date and time and know you’ll have a spot to hold your meeting for up to 40 minutes with up to 100 participants and unlimited one-on-one conversations. The more secure alternatives cannot match this function.

Having free access is a great draw and new members can start connecting without any charge. So, it can be accessed for online training sessions, webinars, family chats, parties and events of any kinds. We have even seen TV shows, concerts, grad ceremonies, weddings, online sales, all performed on the magic of the web. And it is accessible on all mobile handheld and desktop devices with a quick launch of the app.

What about security?

If data privacy and security are not a main issue Zoom was made for you. Though the company has been very responsive in addressing these issues and very well may in time be suitable for use for sensitive communications. As we speak the company is committed to making sweeping changes as far as security goes and they are implementing new features. Now all meetings requires host permission and passwords to join in a conference.The host controls in Zoom provide really good control over how your meeting runs. I like the ability to also create a co-host for your meetings, you never know just in case.

Is There Support?

User support to serve companies around the world provides quick answers when you need them. Scheduling calendars from the Zoom app connects from Google and Microsoft. Advanced features consistently update and improve what you can do with the technology. I especially like the virtual backgrounds that allow you to get rid of a not too exciting background meeting room. Additionally, there are even touch-up functionalities for those who need to make fun various changes to their looks.

There are a number of levels of pricing options for those who need to Zoom conference on a regular basis. There is a Pro, Business and Education plan. We love the Zoom Rooms concept designed to keep accessible meeting rooms available. So, along with high quality audio and video functionality you can quickly see why Zoom took the world by storm.

Our new Existence

We’ve moved into a new concept of existence, a world defined by remote working and globalization. During this lockdown we realized that we require and strive to maintain a face-to-face interaction. In order to serve this changing marketplace, Zoom, is working hard to give you more than just simplicity. It is working towards tighter security measures, and the promise of continuing to roll out new features and tools so it can deliver a futuristic and straightforward experience for everyone.