Talk about changes! With the new year celebrations behind us we entered the new decade with an open heart and possibly a decisive vision of our business. Unexpectedly the fact that everything can change in a moment became perfectly clear. Nothing remains the same and time changes everything. We had become comfortable in our tiny niche, snuggled into passive submission. But life interfered along the way with a global health crisis. Everyone woke up one morning and everything was different, our family, our expectations and our dreams exploded. The world felt suddenly helpless pulled into a global business recession practically overnight.

The Jolt

It took a few days to put things in perspective and gain some ideas on how we were going to move forward, save our business and save everything we’d learned to love and expect. Suddenly Zoom was the driving force behind family meetings, business, medical and professional contacts. And everything closed! Where were you when the lights went out? You will always remember the moment.

Needless to say, everything began to move slowly at first. Business challenges became conquerable and actually momentous, stuff you never thought about was quickly implemented. Ground quickly lost was regained by creative measures, innovation and vision. Maybe we needed that jolt!

Positive Changes

It brings to mind that a website, YOUR website is an ever-changing chronicle of who we are and where we are headed. What happened last year might be old news and something new has replaced whatever services or goods we offered. No one thought there would be so many sudden changes, it simply happened. So many businesses have evolved and gained traction. New positive actions updated everything.

A website is not a permanent document, it changes by the week, month and year. New ideas, new employees, new products and innovation change everything. Just like technology the website needs consistent and regular updating. Apply a fix, and it takes care of a nagging problem.

Refresh Your Website

If you have had a website created for you last year, take an in depth look at it. Read over the content, does it still sound like you? Do you relate to the words and the photos, what needs updating, a color adjustment, the ideas behind the words? Everything needs refreshing on a regular basis. You should be able to make some of these changes on your own. It is best to be educated on managing how to make changes because if it was created through WordPress your web designer can guide you through a training module so you have an opportunity to update on a regular basis.

We do not expect another upheaval as huge as what we have just experienced, but small changes will still prompt the need for a website update. You have by now conquered change; you have found the inner strength to move business forward and you added a notch to your belt. Hopefully we’ve all learned some survival tactics, some unexpectedly adopted, that you can proudly proclaim you got through the crisis OK.

Website content constantly changes