Doing research to learn is active inquiry. Use a search engine or ask an expert. Utilize Google Analytics to analyze business data. Ask questions or take a poll. Consult your clients. Has data driven information been your direct source to make a viable decision? Remember that every new action causes a reaction.

All information gained, though important, is not thoroughly based on the challenges you are facing at the moment. Recent times are filled with risk taking and rapid change. We need to give ourselves more of a detailed compass to find the right path, because there is no longer the same guarantee of future results. Some of the past data is now filled with negative spaces.

Past goals

In the past the road ahead seemed riddled with reliable and attainable goals. The images from the past enhanced your goals and made you feel comfortable about the vision of the road ahead. Business owners set a compass and followed a path that led to an achievable destination. But current events seemed to have blown that way of thinking. Therefore, all past information has its strengths but also limitations.

Learn to observe

No single knowledge can relate today to comprehensive information. Sometimes we simply need to learn to observe, find the negative space and fill in the dots. Explore different avenues to solve the challenges at hand. There is not only one way to move a mountain. There are many articles, information data, and expert advice on how the mountain will react. It is up to a leader with innovative, visionary thinking to decide which technique will produce the most quickest results in your own unique situation.

Make negative space positive

The normal approach to everything has now been moved slightly out of whack! So, it is time to use the data accumulated from what we did learn from the past and design a different approach to the future. Move your eye out of focus away from the main object and observe the negative space. Looking into that space you will find a new objective. It is there. Even if you have to grab a pencil to draw in the new image and make your next important business decision be a positive result and a new end to your story.

*Image by Pezibear from Pixabay