How much time do you have on your hands nowadays? Maybe more than you’d like. These are uncertain times, health fears cast a dark shadow over the world. So where do we stand at the moment?

I do not mean humanity I’m talking business. Small businesses that we have to reinvent and morph into our new reality. In some states restaurants have closed, with huge financial burdens weighing on the industry. They are now in the process of literally remaking the hamburger. Most are struggling to survive and if they are flexible and creative, they will come out of this with energizing quick options, healthy additions to a meal sized menu and thoughtful safe packaging.

Think of it! The entire restaurant industry has to evolve during these new times. Many will create new ideas for franchise. Creative chefs will bring to the table a variety of improved delicious comfort foods. The future is theirs and they are forced to bend.

What about “us”?

The world is being forced to bend too. Doing business from home is the easy part, generating income will be the challenge. But think about this, we live in an unlimited world where the Internet and Google has dropped everything on our plate, all we have to do is utilize the tools. In the first part of this series concerning the virus we face today; I’d like to speak about the internet and how it grew to become the largest retail store and business office in the world.

When we think business everyone thinks Amazon, a behemoth giant who grew from one mans desire to participate in the “new” internet business platform. I remember in the 90’s reading an article about his efforts and admired his earth-shattering ideas. He bought a house in Bellevue WA and in 1994 incorporated, bought a domain name and the rest is history. Out of this obscure garage he sold books, after designating the area around Seattle as a having a wealth of talent he could draw on.

Another big draw was the tax loophole that could be taken advantage of, with Amazon being one of the first online retailers. Merchants who do not possess a physical location in a state, whether it be a brick and mortar store or an office, do not have to collect sales tax. Now that’s huge! And Amazon capitalized on this loophole.

how do WE capitalize on options we have today?

So, face to face marketing, social events and networking are taboo for now. There is that person who thrives off contact and is a natural salesperson who loves meeting new people, shaking hands and engaging in essential conversation. Where do you go from here? Zoom is the answer. You can build a following and conduct events that touch many people who only need a computer.

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise that works off an easy reliable platform for video and audio conferencing. You can run chats and webinars through to any mobile, desktop or room system. It will energize all business efforts to go public from the comfort of your home. This platform gives business owners lots to think about. A big feature is that others you invite into the session do not need an account. They can join with a phone number or invitation that you can set up prior to the conference.

With Zoom you can host “Happy Hour” chats or a morning coffee meet-up. Realize that zoom can also keep a family connected as we experience the new distancing policies that define this year of the pandemic. One problem I foresee is that we will all only need to dress from the waist up, so the rush to buy jackets and shirts is around the corner. I keep a jewelry box on my desk for the video call where I might want to get dressed up a bit.

make time essential

Take online classes, think about a product to expand your business, set goals, write a book about your business journey, exercise with YouTube videos. So much to think about here, but the word of the day is “time”. Use it to learn and structure new ideas. This is perfect for managing to make your business stronger as you are pushed outside your comfort level. Think about ways to update your website to change with the time. You will never get an opportunity like this again as you set up an extra computer on your desk and scatter your notes everywhere, you have time. Don’t waste it, smash the doom and make this the year you give yourself an opportunity to grow, socially (through Zoom), mentally and business wise. Grab the tools we have at our fingertips. I am including a link for Zoom in case you might consider using it.