Are you thinking it might be time to rebrand? Every so many years you might outgrow your original business concept. I know because I also had.

What might be happening is that the growing pains possibly settled and suddenly there is a new marketing idea in the works, a new product line, a new vision, and changed values. When these come into play rebranding might be the way to evolve, scaling a new level. Included in these reasons are the possibilities of a merger, location change or marketing reposition. Remember, as our business evolves, so does our brand. Forbes magazine discusses the Eight Steps to Rebrand For Growth.

What do you have to lose?

The more established your brand is, the more you have to lose from a rebrand. Sometimes a partial rebrand will help you retain loyal clients while helping to refresh the business image to keep it current. A partial rebrand is a cool touch-up that everyone and every business might need overtime.

If your business has a complete identity shift and the mission, vision, and values have changed, a total rebrand might be in order. Once you have determined what way you’d like to shift there are some things to consider.

My Rebrand experience

I was in business for eight years when I decided I needed to “grow up”. My logo just did not accommodate my brand or client base any longer. The colors no longer represented my audience. It was time for me to step back and view everything with a critical eye and I determined changes had to be made.

My client base had shifted and happily, some accompanied me along the journey. It took lots of reflection to understand where I was and what had morphed around me, I took time to believe in the path I was following.

If there is a possibility you might rebrand consider the strengths and weaknesses of your brand communications, you now are more in tune with where you want to be. The message has somewhat changed over time and the base shifted, but the second time around things gets settled in more comfortably.

Once it happens…

The customer is important to address after a rebrand. You need to speak directly to them. You need to make sure that marketing is aimed in their direction. Pay lots of attention to your existing customer base and let them know why a rebrand was beneficial for both the client and company. Let them understand the reasons why it was important to grow in a somewhat different direction and why it would be beneficial for them to grow right alongside you.

Redefine your services to meet their present needs and that will keep them coming back.

rebrand takeaway

Reve up your brand logo.
Reestablish your audience and market.
Redefine vision, mission, and values statements.
Rebuild your brand identity.