Are you a small business owner concerned with cybersecurity? Small businesses are being created in increasing numbers. Many of us growing tired of early starts, long commutes, long hours and low pay all to build someone else’s fortune. The upside is that there are more and more opportunities to set up a storefront online.

Nowadays, to start your own company, all you need is a great product idea and a little money to invest in product development and market research. Let’s not forget to add strong dedication to get things off the ground. You can sell things online around the clock and to a global audience. It’s easy to advertise. It’s easy to promote. So, more and more of us are opting for this lifestyle that can prove to be pretty profitable!

Cybersecurity is crucial

However, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to the security of your online business. With the rise of Ecommerce comes the rise of cybercriminals, looking to hack into your accounts, access sensitive data, or even commit identity fraud. This can be a serious threat that we need to deal with and prevent round the clock.

But cybersecurity is often a complex area of specialism that we’re not all too familiar with ourselves. This is why we need to engage with professionals. But numbers aren’t matching up to demand! Cybersecurity is in high demand in all areas, ranging from commerce to the government. The infographic below will show you exactly why we need more cybersecurity experts and professionals nowadays!

Infographic Design By Norwich University