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Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the art of being found. Of showing up when your customers search for your services. Technology rules the guidelines and infrastructure of showing up when your clients need to find you. As a company that serves small business, we know that there’s strategy that runs behind the business, that engages with technology, digital marketing, social platforms, website infrastructure, that raises your visibility in the online world.

So what are the basics for a small business to be on the right path to getting found? The answer is simple: to utilize the tools that measure your efforts, the engagement, the number of people that find you, the essential tools every small business needs to getting started: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. These are the required tools that are necessary to being in the SEO game. If you aren’t utilizing these three free tools, then your business is missing out on the information to improve your marketing strategies.

Analytics To Improve Your Marketing Strategies

Everyone knows about Google analytics – how that tools collects the information from the visits to your website, providing the details that can help you, the business owner, evaluate your digital marketing, assess what is working, what is not, and how to change your strategies to improve engagement. But did you know that Google provides search specific information to you through the Google Search Console account. Connecting the two Google accounts provides even more information to guide the heart of your digital presence, your website, to show up its best when it comes to the technology that guides SEO.

Though most people utilize Google in their online searches, Bing is another search engine that captures search requests and should be part of your SEO strategy. Utilizing Bing webmaster tool can measure your analytics from the Bing search engine and provide further insights to how your site is being used, engagement with your content so you can make informed decisions to how to improve your digital marketing strategies.

I know there are other search engines available, but the two primary search engines in the US are those that I’ve mentioned: Google and Bing.

DIY help to get you started

Need help getting started with connecting Google and Bing? Here are the links to get started:

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Get Started with Bing Webmaster Tools