A new year 2020…Who’d believe the last 12 months would fly so quickly? It seems like yesterday I began the journey of my 10th year anniversary in business. It was very exciting and I was overwhelmed thinking about the changes that would be revealed in the next year. The fact is tools will change but the concepts of technology don’t. They simply evolve.

We’ve weathered many storms

I was always confident that Blue Zenith Design + Strategy would succeed, but now ten years later I’m amazed at the storms we’ve weathered and the changes that we’ve been able to adapt to. But most of all I look back on the close friendships and alliances I have formed. I get kind of emotional recalling the many clients I’ve helped through their challenge to move their business forward. There is such positive energy I feel as I guide them onto the next level of expertise.

In retrospect, my ten-year journey has enabled tremendous personal growth and given me an awesome sense of achievement.

what about the year 2020?

Every industry is unique and is linked to specific trends. So we can certainly relate to updates in graphic design, marketing and, web design. There was a “technological revolution” that uprooted old ideas and replaced them with new options in the development of websites. These new innovations provided a whole slew of opportunities for the business owner. And so “trends” are born. So you can create outstanding, creative sites but unless they follow the leader in new trends, they are somewhat outdated. And still each moment, technology marches on.

Adapt to adaptive design

I have spoken about the importance of adaptive design elements and how super important they are. The idea has now caught on and businesses are leaning towards a screen in every room. This idea will continue to grow and be the most important upgrade in the technology world. It’s up to the guidance of developers to educate the client on how useful and cost-efficient this design element is.

Unique, fun choices

OK so we are now savvy and impatient at the same time. Implementing “motion design” can send a clear and fun message with animations that are more efficient than written text. Along with this I have to talk about the importance of video content. This may very well be the undisputed leader among web trends for the year 2020. All of these new options can be bundled together as interactive integrated videos, micro-interactions, and animated scrolling.

I’ve outlined for you just a few trends in web design for the new decade. What technological trend is on the horizon that will emerge that can scale and grow your brand and stretch your business reach? There is more to come in the New Year on that concept. With businesses understanding the importance of their website comes more tools and powerful resources that will help spark a successful journey of entrepreneurs and small businesses.
*Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How can technoligy scale and grow your brand and business reach?