How are you planning to drive visitors to your website? The site itself is beautifully put together, the colors blend well and the content is classy. But how is the traffic flow? The trick here is to figure out how you’re going to engage users and increase conversion rates. So, how you ask? It is time to think outside the box and come up with some fun ways to make your site more appealing.

To Blog or Not?

Small businesses with blogs get more leads than those that do not. Make the site a trusted resource for users. Have the blogs answer questions and provide useful information. The content should be the sharable quality with images that knock and say “Hello, share this image”.

Visitors email addresses

What if the visitors leave and do not return? Well, then you can capture those email addresses so you can stay in touch. An email list is essential and marketing via email has become one of the hottest money-makers. They allow you to speak directly with them every time you want to promote a product or announce a special sale. OK, so how do you gather those emails?

Pop-ups can grab the attention of your visitors and can quickly grow an email list. Many people think they might never want to use them and are annoying but pop-ups work. You can also offer a freebie that requires users to add their email in order to download something helpful and informative. A freebie is a great way to promote what you do while promoting paid products or services.

Think about a Chat Box

Many busy people love chat boxes. They give unlimited information in real-time. Users love not having to wait for an email reply or callback. Since you can closely engage with visitors to your website, a chat-box is an essential useful customer service tool and many businesses swear by their usefulness.

What about a quiz?

A quiz helps you understand the needs of your visitors. They give great insight into exactly what your customers want and essential feedback to how your business is working for them. Make them only a couple seconds to fill out, we all like easy and know they can also add to your growing email list.

At the end of the day

We can try all of these tips but need to analyze how they are working for us. Google Analytics gives us clear information and can track your conversions. Essentially you can discover what works for you and what does not. It is valuable information to determine weak areas, then we can make appropriate changes that will improve the engagement of your website visitors.