Pave a clear path from all your social media to your website. A strategic plan can convert casual social media followers into new clients and this called “funneling.” It describes a simple process of taking a large splash of readers and condensing them into a concentrated group that’s directed to a specific destination.

Now we realize it’s an impossible task to convert every single social media follower into a customer. We can never convert a store shopper from every person who drives by a physical store either. But if you are using the many tools at your disposal correctly you just might attract new customers and boost your revenue.

Establish a content marketing plan

Winging it will rarely succeed since there are so many directions to go out there. You need a serious plan of action, one that you can stick to and manage well. Internet business is not a sudden inspiration; it is a calculated effort with a destination in mind. In order to succeed in content marketing, you need a multi-tiered plan, short term, mid and long term. You might choose to hire professional assistance or handle your marketing on your own. Generate an outline of quarterly, monthly and weekly posts. Maximize interest with a coupon or sales event. Then sit back and review your goals.

Exciting, fun and successful

OK! That takes care of the serious part. Now make it a fun experience. Coupons, sales events, contests, family events, these all add up to activates you can make exciting. Seasonal experiences can draw your social media followers out of their homes into your business. All of these activities can be valuable and effective marketing endeavors that can put a bang to your marketing buck. You can convey your excitement at the same time and have people get to know the face behind the desk so to speak.

By gaining an understanding of making such events both fun, economical and effective, you can ensure that your passion and enthusiasm can lead to a successful and profitable marketing endeavor!

boosted and sponsored posts… get results?

We have all heard about boosting, maybe not tried it as of yet. Boosting or sponsoring your posts involves directly paying social media networks to create a custom audience of temporary followers. This places your posts in the feeds of readers who might be unaware of your business. If you spend your money in this manner it immediately becomes digital advertising. When used strategically advertising this way can quickly create a large splash of new readers and prospective customers for your marketing funnel. But, know it will not guarantee a successful campaign. You still need a plan that maximizes the effectiveness of your content before you elevate it with a boosted or sponsored post.

Exceptional social media

Your social media will shine with your carefully structured brand backing it up and Blue Zenith Design + Strategy can help with that. It radiates integrity and the potential for a positive service experience. Obviously for all of your social media to be a success your brand has to be the foundation everything else is dependent on. You have chosen to wow potential clients with your brand promise and your story reflects your moral character, so be memorable and stand out from the crowd.