What do we need a complete digital experience on our websites? Because the digital world is exploding with companies vying for attention, and of course customers. First impressions are super important to grabbing potential clients. Some consumers will land on a site and dismiss it immediately. Why? Because there was no immediate appeal and engagement, or maybe it was just plain uninviting.

So how do you engage and showcase your brand? Well, there are some simple and effective changes that can be easily made to boost appeal.

A diverse digital experience

It is obvious that new technologies are changing the way people engage in the digital world. They want diversity and experience. If something catches their attention or if they discover an immediate need, the smartphone is a quick choice. But remember there is still a tablet, laptop or tv that is pretty attractive too. So make sure your website is consumer-friendly and available to give them a top drawer experience no matter what digital avenue they may choose to access your web page.

Create a call to action that is clear, one that helps with customer experience and engagement that sets up the next step. Easy!

Photography and content

The two biggest attractions are photography and content. They should both shine. The photographs should be unique and your own. Pass up the generic stock photos for an exciting professional photoshoot. The price for this is immaterial and invaluable when your site reflects you, your hobbies, your style, your brand colors, and your location. If your business is in Arizona, reflect that. New York? That would become another look with a cosmopolitan flavor. See how special and unique photos can reflect your style.

Your content should be brand focused and customer-centric. Appeal to your potential customer and keep the message on point and simple. Most visitors to websites don’t want to be smothered with too much unclear jumble, they want to immediately know what you do, how you intend to do it and eventually how you’ll make them happy. Consider your own habits while surfing, so keep it bright, simple and engaging.

Clearly state your perspective

Do not hesitate to state your clear message and perspective. If others do not agree they will move on, but those with whom the message resonates will be intrigued and take a second look at your offerings. Keep your product front and center and know that a bold statement on the home page will filter the right clients in your direction. Make sure they can see the clear solutions you are offering them.

consider customer service

We all have been on the site where there are no answers to questions that might arise. A help desk support icon on the home page, similar to what we have on Blue Zenith, is a nice enhancement. If it is manned by experienced support staff it can be a real winner. If you have a product page have technical support questions answered in an easy and efficient way and give your products an edge. Summarize your value and keep the format simple. Let those who are interested know why you beat the competition and why you are their best choice to do business with. Just thinking ahead puts you in your customer’s shoes and you’ll be able to shine by giving them the answers they are looking for and the opportunity to exceed their expectations.