Is it time to grow your business to the next level? Every company strives for continuous growth. So where do you start? As an entrepreneur you built your company from the ground up. Now that your business is established you feel that the time has come to expand. I know that feeling very well because I have struggled with growing pains too.

Think rebranding

As our business evolves, so does our brand. Since 2009 when my business was born, I have helped over 150 businesses rebrand, and it wasn’t until I had been in business for eight years that I recognized my business also needed a redesign. I felt there was a disconnect between the message on my website and how I was selling my services. The colors I had chosen no longer represented my audience or me. I reviewed my brand with a critical eye and realized it needed more.

Over time, my ideal clients had shifted. My early clients were startup businesses, a mix of men and women who had amazing ideas. That clientele evolved into focused, seasoned entrepreneurs, specifically more women-owned businesses. My clients had journeyed with me and reflected where I was now in my own business.

Did I grow up?

For my brand, that change translated into deeper colors. The logo became more modern and sleek, adding an elegance to the brand that it lacked before. I then fully realized the power of the rebrand. I had completed rebranding for so many clients, and I finally had the opportunity to experience it myself.

I went to my graphic artist and told her I wanted my business to “grow up.” With that one request, I was able to refine my message and realize a new look that better connected with my ideal clients. The visual logo and colors took on more depth through pure, deeper tones. The messaging changed to express that I work with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and speak directly to them and their struggles.

you, your clients, and your business.

The words and images you use to represent your business are essential. From your offerings to your visual brand, you must connect with your ideal clients. All aspects of marketing and promotions are based on who they are and how to reach them. If they change, your business strategy must change to continue to connect with them.

You may need to realign your brand with where your business is heading and its new vision, purpose, and mission. This includes updating your marketing with a new visual brand, offerings, and promotions for your new audience. I already knew my client base had shifted, be realistic when you review your purpose and your vision.

Pull together your tribe

Listen to your customers. Identify their needs and why they are now looking for different services. Are they seeking out products that you don’t offer? If so, you might want to consider identifying these products and offering them. That has the potential to amplify reach, increase engagement, and offer a better experience to customers.

Focus on your customer base

Short-term thinking involves focusing on growing your customer base and sales while long-term thinking addresses growing the relationship you have with your existing customers. One of the keys to growth is to pay attention to an existing customer base.
How do you keep your clients loyal? How to encourage them to continue to do business with you? Redefine your services to meet their present needs and that will keep them coming back.