Your website is one of the most important elements of your entire company. It’s essentially the face of your business, in many cases it will be the first thing people will come into contact with when they’re shopping with you- and first impressions matter. Here are some of the ways you can improve your site if you feel it’s not up to scratch.

Have a professional website redesign

One of the most important things to get right as a small business owner is to know your own skill set. It’s tempting to want to do everything yourself to save costs, but your time and skills are limited. You need to know when to call in the professionals to ensure the best job possible is done. Just like you’d utilize a marketing agency to take care of your advertising and promotional needs, a web design company should be used- unless you’re specifically experienced in this area yourself. A professional redesign will ensure your site looks smart, is laid out correctly with the right amount of white space on the page, that the correct fonts are used to make it readable and that it’s generally appealing to your customers.

Create a video for the landing page

Landing page videos do wonders for conversions. In fact, if you’re looking to convert more customers and get more sales, sign ups or any other action that you’re aiming for in your business then this is a simple way to go about it. It look professional and gives customers all of the information they need without having to scroll through masses of text. It needs to look professional and be done well, so again it’s worth finding a professional company to guide you through this process.

Invest in imagery

The text on your website is important, but it’s images that will grab people’s attention when they click on your site. Images could be anything from photos of your office premises on your contact page to pictures of your products in your shop. Don’t just cheap out and go with stock photos that people have seen a hundred times all over the internet. Invest in a photographer to come out and create the photos you need, of your specific business and products. Even if you buy and sell wholesale products for a profit, don’t just use stock images. Hire models and a photographer to create your own that are unique to your site.

Write and connect a blog

Writing a blog is a fantastic way to connect with your audience, it shows you’re trustworthy and legitimate and know your stuff in your field of business. It’s a way to educate while promoting your business subtly through content marketing. This is much more effective that blatant and aggressive advertising; your posts should mainly aim to educate, inform or amuse an audience with mentions to your business almost as a side note. For example, if you own a fashion business you could talk about celebrity fashion trends, with a mention to how people can get a similar look for less with products recommended from your site.

Ensure its optimized

Finally, your site should be properly optimized for all devices. A huge proportion of your traffic will be coming from people on tablets and mobile phones so the site needs to work well on these devices without people having to zoom in on tiny text or scroll sideways.