Marketing strategy changes with business growth. When I started my business my goal was to be discovered in a maze of other start-ups. I was a trickle working through the noise that is the internet. Mass campaigns, joining networking groups, I did anything to put my name out there. Along with that coverage expect disappointments, or maybe a campaign fizzles. Without an understanding of social media and other trends and tools, your business can appear less than it is, or worse, it can look like every other business. You risk being perceived as a commodity—something that anyone can do. Your business becomes a widget replaceable by the next competitor who is cheaper and faster.


When you target everyone with your social media and website, when you are not specific enough, you risk being viewed as a commodity. When that happens, the only factor that differentiates you is price. You don’t want price point to be where your clients are focused. You want your clients to know specifically who you work with and who you help. You need to write killer content and provide images that make them feel you are the right solution for them. This is the time that you have to tweak your business model to get a sense of the market you are entering.


Once your business grows and matures specific needs change, Now people know your name, they seek out your services and you have to regularly stay current and up front. They know what you stand for so now they want to know your mission and values are solid. It is actually now time to fuel continued growth to gain a share of the market. So essentially the game changes and so do the busienss marketing concepts.

All Grown-up

This is the perfect time to build strong teams as you focus turns inward. It is time to strengthen relationships with clients. Perfect time to invest in your employees and have your employees take ownership of processes. Let’s not forget investment. This is the time that you have to re-invest to fund further growth. Marketing concepts focus on keeping you out there. You may not set the world on fire, but your business reflects consistency and dependability.

Mature established business uses their longevity as a springboard. Hearing 25 years in business turns heads. I certainly know I am excited to be in my 10th year anniversary of my business. Enjoy this phase always looking out for signs that you need to start making changes. At this point, you’ll be able to decide to reinvest in the business or provide new services and learn to be flexible to encourage further growth and sustainability.