What exactly is a digital brand? It is the fundamental basis for a marketing initiative. And it should be authentically ‘you’. All this might possibly seem simple enough, communicating the customer experience. But before you can deliver, you have to discover who potential clients are. Promises made have to be executed. I believe that authenticity is super important here so that you can communicate all positive aspects of your business.


What about consistency in your content, your photos, your font, colors? But there is another consistency, it is an invisible asset, it is actions. Consistency in customer service, guarantee promises, workmanship. All of that has to be promised, conveyed and delivered. That is authenticity, and it spells success.

There are many websites I see that have their “Promise” highlighted on their sites. They have it printed on their contracts and displayed in their social media. It is a promise you know they will keep and deliver on.

Digital Brand Message

Start out by thinking of your business as a digital brand. Outline the unique characteristics beyond the name and logo, step outside and view it from a different perspective. View it from a potential customer perspective. Then you can visualize why they might choose you rather than someone else. Wow! Them by finding then defining the message and wrap up that package and present it to the world.

Purpose into Profit

Sometimes you have to marry personal and business to create a tool used to attract the right clients and showcase your expertise. As citizens we support certain environmental groups or personal medical issues or social causes. These should be highlighted and promoted because we have the power as entrepreneurs to lend support to issues that are personal to us. Issues and values that move your spirit can guide others to understand the inner person hidden behind the business entity. Designing and maintaining a well thought our brand turns your initial purpose into profit

“Why does your customer choose you?” The experience of your customers will ultimately answer that question and we can help you develop a firm and distinctive voice. Let’s help incorporate all of the elements that make up a comprehensive digital brand identity. Identify and create your online voice that will make your business soar above your competition.