How important is SEO? For small businesses and entrepreneurs, we know the importance of SEO and making your website outshine others on the crowded Web. It’s been my belief from the inception of my business, that content itself is by far the single most important part of the website design… and let us not downplay SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the art of being found. It blends the elements of what the search engines are seeking, and the answers consumers are searching for.

Connect the Dots

Those two puzzle pieces are what come together with your expertise and understandings of exactly what customers are looking for. Content strategy is the element of answering their questions. Because you have the knowledge of your own particular buying process and can provide answers to the questions that your ideal clients are seeking. Using a comprehensive customer-based content strategy to build upon your business’s SEO is the key to being found.

Of course, there are many traditional tools, but when an entrepreneur understands their clients, addresses their challenges, respond to the questions they ask, that creates the power of SEO. A solid content strategy opens doors to SEO, builds connections and enhances the relationships developed through digital.

the options are endless

Consumers demand options. A video shows us “how to”, audio allows us to listen while we happily multi-task. Written allows us to dig through information. Recent trends are pulling in the direction of video and audio. There will always be reasons to provide options to our consumers. Whether it is what they are looking for, to how they are used to consuming information, keep in mind the many ways we choose to engage. Re-purpose the information you choose to deliver through various mediums. Juggle content from a written article, to a video tutorial, to an audio clip, to a visual infographic. Understand there are many ways to engage your audience and use those mediums to benefit your audience.

In a Nutshell

Take an in-depth look at how you present your expertise. Try to utilize all the varying mediums here: written content, video, audio, visual (infographic).  Then examine the information that makes up your content strategy. Try to determine what mediums make the most sense for your audience?

Next, try to review your analytics to see which medium is most consumed. Market the information appropriately so that your audience can discover the varying ways you present your information.

worth thinking about

So, try to utilize all forms of content in your digital content strategy? Evaluate how you are delivering your content. Determine that it’s meeting the standards of all ways your clients choose to consume information. Don’t make early assumptions that a particular age group prefers one way over another. With today’s tech-savvy consumer, it is so much more about where they are and what they are doing, that affects how they prefer their information to be delivered.

How does your business stack up?