Think about the magic web design can create for your business. While I am brainstorming with a client, and we are designing a website, I like to keep it subtle and clean. This way I can ensure the overall message is clear and cohesive. That does not mean that we don’t value your pre-selected designs, what it means is we want to highlight YOU. Nothing should distract from who you are and what you can offer prospective clients. Design takes back seat to your photos, your work, your team, your portfolio. Design is incorporated to enrich the visual aspect of the overall website.

Cohesive Web Design

Super important is to project your core values, culture, and integrity then find appealing photos that match and convey more than just a picture. It’s my solid foundation approach to branding, and to why it’s an important piece of the design puzzle itself. Mobile responsive website design is what you get… a clean, branded; cohesive website is what we deliver.

When I first started Blue Zenith Design + Strategy we took bets on which new technology would catch hold and burst ahead in popularity. Ever aware of trends, it was early on in my own business journey that the winner would be to adapt to mobile friendly. This quickly became our first and only website design option and I have guided our clients towards it ever since.

Google’s High Expectations

My top advice for anyone thinking about designing a new website is that you’re losing business and ranking if you do not incorporate mobile technology. Google has set high expectations for everyone in what is cohesive information. The good thing is that the rules are clear. Ensure your website is mobile friendly. Next make sure your site is served securely, on encrypted HTTPS. Then high on the list is to ensure your information is up to date and relevant. Being onboard with all of that will guarantee your pages will be ranked and shown by Google to the right users.

I will continue to educate small business owners with the importance of a holistic design view – and opt out of a desktop only view. It’s a hard notion to grasp that the content is the most important piece of the design puzzle. It is our belief that the design should hold the content information as its top priority.

*Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels